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Open source leader Eric S. Raymond web page seeking information on how Unix trade secrets were legally nullified in the past.

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Groklaw* - Treats legal aspects of SCO vs. IBM and Linux case: news, extensive analyses, big story archive, hard to find documents, large amounts of carefully researched information, quote database, well used fora. [Creative Commons License]

  • SCOsource - Business division managing SCO Unix system intellectual property. unix Many documents: court filings, complaint excerpts, FAQ, GNU unix GPL, official letter threatening intellectual property enforcement against unix all Linux customers.
  • The SCO Group v IBM - Full, uncommented text of original 6 March complaint, boycott, lawsuits by plaintiff Caldera Systems, Inc., d/b/a The SCO boycott, lawsuits Group, versus International Business Machines Corp. [SCO]
  • SCO's Linux Fight - Regularly updated summary page with indexed links to sco all of their SCO vs. IBM and Linux sco related stories. [Computerworld]
  • No Secrets - Open source leader Eric S. Raymond web page boycott, lawsuits seeking sco information on how Unix trade secrets were boycott, lawsuits legally nullified sco in the past.
  • Why SCO is Wrong - By Stephen Leibowitz. The contention that Linux infringes boycott, lawsuits on boycott, lawsuits SCO IP is wrong. Perceptive article covers boycott, lawsuits all main boycott, lawsuits aspects of case, suggests ways Linux boycott, lawsuits community can address boycott, lawsuits these problems.
  • FAQ: SCO and Linux - Tries to sort some claims, counterclaims of fact sco and law, boycott, lawsuits with no negative rhetoric. Focus: legal sco status of Linux, likelihood boycott, lawsuits SCO will succeed in sco its efforts; formats: HTML, MS Word. boycott, lawsuits Infrequently Asked sco Questions too.
  • Linux Users Unite: Stop SCO - Form to send a message of concern to your congressperson, unix by The Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF.

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