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This category is for links that are mostly about Lindows, LindowsOS, and aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit.

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  • Revelation Could Be Fatal Blow to SCO Case - If Lindows and its customers are immune to sco SCO litigation due to an agreement, as Lindows sco claims, it suggests Lindows Linux kernel is also sco immune. []
  • Lindows Keeps Quiet as SCO Battle Rages - tried to distance itself from tumult SCO lindows began over boycott, lawsuits Linux. Firm makes consumer-friendly Linux, said lindows it fielded some questions boycott, lawsuits on effects of recent lindows SCO actions and there are no boycott, lawsuits issues with lindows SCO. [ZDNet UK]
  • Claims SCO Immunity via Caldera Deal - Firm jumps into SCO legal maelstrom by claiming immunity from it; announcement cites 2001 business agreement with Caldera giving technology for product initiatives in return for considerations. [The Register]
  • Lindows Declares Immunity from SCO Maelstrom - and users are safe from SCO legal boycott, lawsuits tentacles, says Lindows; firm makes a Linux version, boycott, lawsuits announced existing agreement with SCO keeps it out boycott, lawsuits of fight between SCO and Linux vendors. [osOpinion]

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