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Makes, sells, promotes easy-to-use Linspire distribution, links to Linspire certified desktop and notebook PCs. Descriptions, news, support, demo, screenshots, forum, jobs, contacts; partners, builders, resellers.

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Linspire, Inc.* - Makes, sells, promotes easy-to-use Linspire distribution, links to Linspire certified desktop and notebook PCs. Descriptions, news, support, demo, screenshots, forum, jobs, contacts; partners, builders, resellers.

  • Start-up Creating Linux-Windows Combo -, a 20-person San Diego company led by former linspire Chief Executive Michael Robertson, plans to sell preview version of linspire Linux to run popular Windows programs. Version 1.0 is due linspire early 2002. [CNET]
  • Lindows Unleashes Upgraded OS - LindowsOS 3.0 aims to offer affordable alternative to Windows, with distributions full compatibility with Microsoft programs and Windows file formats. [PCWorld]
  • Review: Lindows 2.0 Dissected - Change of heart: From our in-depth testing, it turns out that Lindows 2.0 isn\\'t a disappointment after all. In fact, we kind of liked it. It is a very slick, highly usable OS. [ZDNet ExtremeTech]
  • Maker of Lindows Laughs at Face of Danger (and Microsoft) - Robertson started a firm competing against Microsoft Windows in the PC OS market, named his cheap OS and firm Lindows (one letter different), and to ensure Microsoft hates him, has a $200,000 reward for anyone hacking Xbox. [USA Today]
  • New Lindows Release Stands Alone - Version 3.0 is 1st Lindows OS sold as linux isolated product. Before new release, consumers could only linux buy it bundled on PCs. IDC analyst questions linux effectiveness of Lindows Wal-Mart distribution strategy. [NewsFactor Network]
  • Lraiser - A network to get people to try Linspire.
  • Linux Finds Fans at Wal-Mart - Firm expands experiment selling low-cost PCs running Linux OS. Web linux site now has lines of Microtel PCs with installed Lindows, linux Mandrake. May be milestone for Linux public acceptance. Sales are linux above expectations. [CNET]
  • Lindows CEO Funds Xbox Hacking Contest - Michael Robertson, Lindows CEO, reveals himself as formerly distributions anonymous donor distributions of $200,000 prize money in contest distributions to translate Linux OS distributions to Microsoft\'s Xbox video distributions game console. [CNET]
  • Lindows CEO Attacks Intel's Centrino Linux Lockout - Intel is having major internal struggle over desktop Linux, and linux pro-Microsoft marketing droids are winning, according to CEO Michael linux Robertson. Lists several types of evidence. [The Register]
  • Seagate - Linspire General FAQs - Linspire General FAQs provided by Seagate. All the distributions details about distributions Seagate hard drives preinstalled with the distributions Linspire OS
  • The Lindows Conundrum - Lindows is a cheap OS that runs Linux distributions and Windows distributions code, with a name that mixes distributions both, and which looks distributions like Windows. Why isn\\'t distributions anyone taking it seriously? [ZDNet PC distributions Magazine]
  • - A company selling PCs preinstalled with the Linspire OS starting linux at under $300.
  • Nabs New Customer in Japan - The desktop Linux advocate boasts a new partnership in Japan linspire with Japanese ISP EDGE to sell LindowsOS in Japan for linspire home, work, education uses; and assures customers Lindows has nothing linspire to fear from SCO. [InternetNews]
  • Lindows - Linux for the Desktop - LindowsOS is a Linux Operating System aimed at the Desktop
  • Lindows Heads for Store Shelves - San Diego start-up dedicated to making Linux easy linspire to use for average PC users releases first linspire retail version of its software Lindows 3.0, and linspire has enlisted retail partners to sell it. [CNET linspire]
  • Seagate Pops Lindows onto Hard Drives at No Charge - Will lend open source hand to Whitebox PC linspire makers by linux distributing LindowsOS on one drive model linspire at no cost. Any linux US computer maker can linspire buy 40GB Barracuda 7200.7 pre-loaded with linux LindowsHD or linspire without at same cost, should save about $100 linux linspire per box. [The Register]
  • A Linux OS to Challenge MS? - Former CEO has a new challenge: wresting control of OS market from Microsoft. His new firm,, has something no OS has done well yet. For a fee, users download LindowsOS, which runs Microsoft or Linux programs on PCs. [Wired News]
  • Lindows: Linux Meets Windows - The founder of, Michael Robertson, has a linspire solution for linspire the lack of desktop applications for linspire the Linux OS: Make linspire Windows software run on linspire Linux, by using parts of Wine, linspire software letting linspire Windows programs run on Unix. [Wired News]
  • Low-cost Lindows PCs Hit Wal-Mart - Price-conscious retailer is rolling back prices on Linux PCs. On linspire its Web site, it has widened its range of Microtel linspire desktop PCs, with and without LindowsOS installed, with GUI and linspire ability to run Windows programs. [ZDNet]

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