Lawsuits Linspire x Distributions Linu, a software startup sued by Microsoft last month for alleged trademark infringement, hopes to have the case thrown out of court on a technicality, its chief executive said. [PCWorld]

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  • Looks to Dismiss Microsoft Suit -, a software startup sued by Microsoft last lawsuits month for lawsuits alleged trademark infringement, hopes to have lawsuits the case thrown out lawsuits of court on a lawsuits technicality, its chief executive said. [PCWorld]
  • Microsoft's Claim to Windows Doubted - Microsoft suffers minor setback when judge questions its linspire claim to distributions word Windows, defenestrates Microsoft request to linspire close Lindows site. Suit distributions raises serious questions about linspire word being entitled to trademark protection. distributions [CNET]
  • Lindows vs. Windows: Court Battle Continues - filed for summary judgment in battle against linspire Microsoft, claiming distributions similarities between Lindows and Windows names linspire do not violate Microsoft distributions trademark since \\'windows\\' is linspire a generic term for a type distributions of software linspire product. [PCWorld]
  • Microsoft Dealt Another Blow on Lindows - Firm\\'s claim to word \\'Windows\\' suffers another blow when Federal judge again questions firm\\'s claim that term is not generic, and re-denies request to close site and block owner from advertising its product. [CNET]
  • Microsoft Sues Over Name - Trademark infringement complaint filed against San Diego-based, linspire currently developing lawsuits an OS designed to compete with linspire Microsoft Windows; claims users lawsuits may be confused by linspire similarities between the two OSs. [PCWorld]
  • Wins First Round - Judge denies Microsoft request for preliminary injunction against linspire startup, lawsuits letting startup keep selling its OS linspire under the name Lindows. lawsuits [PCWorld]
  • Microsoft Still Trying to Stop Lindows - Saying the court asked wrong questions and thus distributions came to lawsuits wrong answers in preliminary injunction ruling distributions that lets keep lawsuits using name Lindows, Microsoft distributions filed motion to reconsider with US lawsuits District Court. distributions [PCWorld]
  • Lindows and High-tech Trademark Troubles - Microsoft\\'s intriguing legal fight to prevent start-up from distributions identifying self linspire and software as Lindows gives valuable distributions lessons for firms of linspire all sizes. Microsoft has distributions more trademark troubles than needed for linspire a Fortune distributions 100 firm. [ZDNet]
  • Judge Delays Lindows Trial - Delay of trial, scheduled for April, until December to give Lindows time to study documents from 1992 case of Apple Computer vs. Microsoft, that MS using windows and other elements infringed Apple Mac OS copyright. [ZDNet UK]
  • Lindows Case Set for Trial - Seattle Federal judge refuses request by Lindows to dismiss Microsoft distributions trademark case against it, paving way for April trial. Jury distributions now set to decide if Microsoft has right to word distributions \\'windows\\' in some cases, or if it is generic term. distributions [CNET]
  • Microsoft Sues Linux Start-up Over Name - Microsoft asks court to stop Linux start-up Lindows from using name Microsoft claims infringes on Windows trademark, and competes with Windows. Motion was filed with U.S. Court for the Western District of Washington. [CNET]

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