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This category is for links that are mostly about Sun Microsystems, Inc., aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit.

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  • Sun May Offer Java Customers SCO Relief - Sun considers adding unusual provision to some Java boycott, lawsuits licenses: Sun would agree to indemnify Linux-using licensees boycott, lawsuits from SCO Linux-related lawsuits; using fear of SCO boycott, lawsuits to help Java grow. [ZDNet CNET]
  • Sun Expands Unix Deal with SCO - Previously secret licensee of SCO Unix intellectual property has revealed its identity: Unix leader Sun Microsystems. Sun actually was first firm to sign with SCO, before Microsoft. [CNET]
  • Sun Comes out from behind the Clouds - Sun is 2nd SCO licensee; pact, signed early sco 2003, expands Sun\\'s 1994 rights to use Unix sco in Solaris OS; SCO also granted warrant to sco buy up to 210,000 shares SCO stock, $1.83 sco a share as part of deal, according to sco regulatory document. [Groklaw]
  • Sun Is Currently Distributing the 2.4 Kernel under the GPL - Sun considers offering their own Linux version, and sco indemnifying customers based on Sun license with SCO. sco [Groklaw]
  • Sun Seeks to Capitalize on SCO Suit - Launches print ad campaign highlighting IBM license dispute with SCO, encourages IBM customers to switch to Sun platform; aimed at organizations running AIX, IBM version of Unix. [ZDNet CNET]
  • Sun Confirms IP Rights for All Versions of its Unix Operating Systems - In light of SCO legal dispute with IBM over Unix licensing rights, Sun announced it has absolutely no licensing issues with SCO today. Brief story, some links, several forum comments. [Linux Today]
  • The Solaris Trap - Sun to release source code to Solaris, proprietary Unix, under boycott, lawsuits Sun Community Source License. This poses a threat: it creates boycott, lawsuits temptation to include non-free code into parts of Linux; could boycott, lawsuits open Linux long crippling series of intellectual property fights, l
  • Sun Sees Opportunity in IBM-SCO Showdown - Sun Microsystems redies AIX to Solaris Migration Program sco to harvest sun microsystems possible customers from looming battle between sco SCO and IBM over sun microsystems IBM AIX license, its sco Unix OS; mandated 100-day license notice sun microsystems period ends sco Friday. [eWeek]

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