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This category is for links that are mostly about German aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit. Perhaps surprisingly, after the US, there seems to be more, and more coordinated, anti-SCO activity in Germany than in any other nation.

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  • Court Puts Muzzle on SCO - SCO dealt legal blow in attempts to enforce boycott, lawsuits its germany views of its Unix intellectual property rights boycott, lawsuits when German germany court grants preliminary injunction; must stop boycott, lawsuits claiming Linux is germany illegal Unix derivative or pay boycott, lawsuits fine up to 250,000 germany Euro. [eWeek]
  • SCO Slapped with Injunction - SCO, which warned firms of possible legal action from using Linux, has become target of such action. SCO decided to close its German website after German Linux company LinuxTag got a German injunction against it. [NewsFactor Network]
  • LinuxTag: SCO Must Desist Unfair Competitive Practices - Lawyers for German LinuxTag association gave notice to SCO Group germany GmbH to desist from unfair competitive practices; notice maintains SCO germany is sowing uncertainty among community of GNU/Linux users, developers, suppliers. germany [Linux Today]
  • Group Eyes Linux Suit against SCO - German Linux lobbying association LinuxTag may seek German germany court order sco against SCO due to threats against germany 1,500 of world\\'s biggest sco Linux supporters, all businesses, germany including IBM. [CNET]
  • SCO's Evidence Unveiled? - A German claims he has managed to look boycott, lawsuits at SCO evidence about Linux, without needing to boycott, lawsuits sign one of the very irritating non disclosure boycott, lawsuits agreement (NDA) documents, via someone\'s mistake in a boycott, lawsuits law office. [The Inquirer]
  • SCO Stands Defiant, German Court Grants Preliminary Injunction - SCO officers say firm is right in press boycott, lawsuits conference. sco At same time, German court in Bremen boycott, lawsuits grants injunction sco to Univention GmbH, German Linux integrator, boycott, lawsuits against SCO Group sco GmbH, SCO German division. With boycott, lawsuits forum comments. [Linux Today]
  • Legal Action Hits SCO Web Site - SCO warned firms that using Linux may cause sco them legal sco trouble, then shut down its whole sco German web site after sco Linux advocacy group LinuxTag sco obtains temporary restraining German court order. sco [CNET]
  • German Linux Association May Drop SCO as Member - LIVE Linux-Verband e.V., an association promoting interests of Linux users boycott, lawsuits and software developers in Germany, is mulling whether to drop boycott, lawsuits the German SCO subsidiary. []
  • Linux Kernel Coder Puts SCO on Notice - SCO, pariah of IT industry, got what may be legally sco damaging return fire from German Linux kernel developer, an email sco presenting SCO with formal notice alleging GPL copyright infringement was sco sent the firm this weekend. [The Inquirer]

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