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This category is for links that are mostly or all about IBM AIX Unix aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, and related actions.

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  • IBM Unfazed by SCO Unix Threat - IBM rejects threat to cancel its license to ship Unix products starting June 13, saying its contracts guarantee rights to the OS, its Unix license is irrevocable and perpetual. [CNET]
  • Deadline Looms for IBM's AIX - Deadline for IBM to reach resolution with SCO or risk loss of AIX Unix license is fast coming, but AIX customers may not need to worry yet. [InternetNews]
  • SCO Could Act Monday in IBM Unix Case - Next move in legal battle with IBM will likely come aix Monday, SCO says, possibly in form of request that a aix judge halt IBM AIX Unix sales. IBM says it did aix nothing wrong, and is unlikely to yield to SCO demands. aix [CNET]
  • Update: SCO Revokes AIX License - Escalating its $1 billion March lawsuit against IBM, aix SCO says it has terminated IBM rights to aix distribute its AIX Unix OS, claims SCO now aix entitled to part of IBM total Unix revenue. aix [Computerworld NZ]
  • SCO Claims IBM Unix Contract Void - SCO says it has revoked IBM license to sell its sco version of Unix, AIX, and requests judge permanently block IBM sco Unix business. Amended suit also criticizes practices of Linux founder, sco leader, Linus Torvalds. [CNET]
  • IBM: Our Unix License is Irrevocable - As war continues, IBM says it has no sco intent to aix stop shipping AIX, a position dismissed sco by SCO. IBM dismissed aix as idle SCO threat sco to cancel IBM license to ship aix Unix products sco starting 13 June, says contracts guarantee its rights. aix sco [ZDNet UK]

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