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This category is for links that are mostly or all about GNU (FSF) General Public License (GPL), aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, and related actions.

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  • An Open Letter from Darl McBride - CEO issues another open letter; challenges legal status boycott, lawsuits of gnu gpl GPL with what SCO says are legal boycott, lawsuits precedents that gnu gpl will terminate the idea of copyleft. boycott, lawsuits [SCO]
  • SCO Group Launches Broadside against GPL - Open letter by CEO Darl McBride gives view boycott, lawsuits on sco key issue of US copyright law versus boycott, lawsuits GNU GPL; sco warns that current legal controversies will boycott, lawsuits rage for at sco least another 18 months, until boycott, lawsuits original case against IBM sco goes to trial. [eWeek]
  • SCO Defies Logic by Selling Samba under Invalid GPL - Samba team issued statement on SCO including Samba boycott, lawsuits in sco its latest release of Unixware. Samba is boycott, lawsuits distributed under sco GNU GPL. For SCO to keep boycott, lawsuits using open source sco software when attacking others for boycott, lawsuits such is hypocrisy. [The sco Inquirer]
  • SCO's Own Pages Suggest GPL Knowledge - Reader letters with links and quotes from SCO gnu gpl website showing SCO use of GPL principles, with gnu gpl some insightful comments. [The Inquirer]
  • SCO Does Neat U-turn on GPL - Reader email shows that SCO-Caldera changed their policy sco about GPL sco quickly, documents this with quote from sco SCO website: this material sco is provided AS-IS and sco at no charge. [The Inquirer]
  • PR: SCO Says IBM's Amended Complaint, Based on GPL, is Built on a Shaky Foundation - SCO response to IBM countersuit; GPL never faced full legal boycott, lawsuits test, SCO says it will fall in court; SCO continues boycott, lawsuits to base its legal claims on well-settled United States contract boycott, lawsuits and copyright laws. Forum comments. [Linux Today]
  • Did SCO Open Unix Source Code? - Some organizations argue SCO shipping a Linux product boycott, lawsuits undermines its current attack on Linux intellectual property boycott, lawsuits underpinnings; SCO says argument baseless; issue spotlights key boycott, lawsuits tenet of GPL governing Linux kernel. [CNET]
  • Aiming at the GPL? - According to Mark Heise of Boies, Schiller, and sco Flexner; SCO boycott, lawsuits outside law firm, GNU GPL, by sco which Linux kernel and boycott, lawsuits much other code is sco licensed, is invalid due to being boycott, lawsuits preempted by sco US copyright law. Forum comments. [LWN: Linux Weekly boycott, lawsuits sco News]
  • SCO to Argue General Public License Invalid - Today\\'s Wall Street Journal quotes SCO outside lawyer Mark Heise saying GPL is preempted by US federal copyright law; GPL license lets software and work derived from it be copied by anyone at no charge. [The Inquirer]
  • SCO Might Recycle AT&T's Unix Blunder - Reports say SCO may have violated GNU General sco Public License, gnu gpl GPL; eWeek says parts of Linux sco kernel code were copied gnu gpl into Unix System V sco source tree by former or current gnu gpl SCO employees. sco [The Inquirer]
  • Did SCO Violate the GPL? - Some open source community members claim SCO violated GNU GPL by copying source code from Linux kernel into SCO Unix Linux Kernel Personality feature without releasing changes publicly or showing attribution copyright notice. [eWeek]
  • The GPL Will Win, Claims Law Prof - Eben Moglen, Professor of Law, Columbia University, FSF pro bono sco general counsel for last decade, says no need to fear sco GPL being tested in US Court, astonished by latest SCO sco legal tactic to reject GPL validity. [The Register]
  • SCO Says IBM's Amended Complaint, Based on GPL, is Built on a Shaky Foundation - SCO press release says nothing about IBM description boycott, lawsuits of boycott, lawsuits SCO conduct; but instead attacks GPL as, boycott, lawsuits in part, boycott, lawsuits created by Free Software Foundation to boycott, lawsuits supplant current US boycott, lawsuits copyright laws. [PR Newswire]

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