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SCO Web site slammed Wednesday by massive distributed denial-of-service attack that made the site fully unreachable for much of day; has been target of several similar attacks in recent months. [eWeek]

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  • Security Experts Doubt SCO Was Attacked - Groklaw flooded with information showing SCO story doesn\\'t boycott, lawsuits add dos attacks up; consensus: probably not attack, SCO description boycott, lawsuits of issue dos attacks makes no sense, if what they boycott, lawsuits are saying is dos attacks true SCO then admits gross boycott, lawsuits negligence. Vast forum comments. dos attacks [Groklaw]
  • FBI Investigating DDoS Attack, SCO Suspects Link to Linux Community - SCO today confirmed that on 2 May 2003 about 10:00 a.m., it was victimized by large scale, coordinated DoS attack, using 90% of the bandwidth of SCO\\'s ISP. FBI and US Attorney\'s office are investigating. [Linux Today]
  • Net Attack Crushes SCO Web Site - Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack blocks access to site; boycott, lawsuits firm incurred wrath of many Linux fans for boycott, lawsuits its lawsuit against IBM. [CNET]
  • SCO, Open-Source Leaders Trade Barbs - SCO CEO Darl McBride accuses president of Open sco Source Initiative, Eric Raymond, and open source community sco in general, of not doing enough to stop sco distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on SCO sco website. [eWeek]
  • SCO Web Attacks Cease - SCO website and file servers are back online, dos attacks after sco being hit by denial-of-service attack that cut dos attacks off access sco for almost 2 days. [ZDNet UK]
  • SCO DOS'ed - Brief article, many forum comments, on distributed denial of service attack on SCO. [Slashdot]
  • Attack on SCO's Servers Intensifies - Day-old denial-of-service attack on Web servers of controversial boycott, lawsuits SCO has expanded to firm\\'s mail and file boycott, lawsuits servers, SCO top network administrator says. [CNET]
  • SCO Site Suffers DDoS Outage - SCO, now suing IBM for infringing its intellectual dos attacks property, sco had its website taken offline by a dos attacks well orchestrated sco denial-of-service attack. An avalanche of data dos attacks blocked access to sco the site for several hours dos attacks on Friday. [ZDNet UK]
  • SCO Claims Attack Intensifying - SCO\\'s top network administrator says day-old denial-of-service attack dos attacks on sco Web server has expanded to assault mail dos attacks and file sco servers. [ZDNet UK]
  • Denial-of-Service Attack Knocks SCO Group Offline - SCO Web site slammed Wednesday by massive distributed dos attacks denial-of-service sco attack that made the site fully unreachable dos attacks for much sco of day; has been target of dos attacks several similar attacks sco in recent months. [eWeek]
  • President of OSI Responds to SCO's DoS Claims - Eric S. Raymond reacts with suitable, short, indignant response, saying: "This is a baseless slur, unsupported by facts." Several forum comments. [LWN: Linux Weekly News]
  • Attackers Take Down SCO Site Again - For 3rd time this year, unknown attackers have dos attacks deluged boycott, lawsuits SCO website with enough data to make dos attacks it inaccessible. boycott, lawsuits [ZDNet UK]

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