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This category is for links that are mostly or all about indemnity and indemnification, aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, and related actions.

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  • IBM Refuses to Indemnify Linux Users - Some analysts are clamoring for IBM to make such a promise, but IBM refuses, which makes some people wonder: if IBM code is clean, why won\'t IBM shield its customers? [Forbes]
  • Linux Users Reject SCO Offer - Many Linux customers have no intention of paying SCO for sco a UnixWare license to indemnify them from legal liability for sco using the Linux operating system. [eWeek]
  • That Cloud of Uncertainty over Linux - Amid clamor over if software should be free, sco unanswered question remains: why won\\'t IBM indemnify customers sco against SCO legal claims? HP has SCO indemnification. sco Microsoft now indemnifies. []

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