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An integrated environment for managing data. It helps in creating database schema, inserting, querying and processing data. Part of KOffice.

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See Also:
  • kmysqladmin - A software, written with QT and KDE, to kde manage mysql-servers.
  • MySQL Navigator - A MySQL GUI client.
  • TOra - A Toolkit for Oracle to perform Oracle Administrative kde Tasks in kde KDE.
  • Rekall - A Database Management System for KDE.
  • KSql - Previously known as KMySql, KSql is a KDE database client.
  • KDE-DB - Was KDB. Set of libraries to minimize the effort needed kde to develop database applications for KDE.
  • Novinyl - A lightweight desktop database for KDE. It only supports flat database data, no SQL or even simple linked data.
  • knoda - Knorr\\'s Datenbank, a database frontend for KDE under desktop environments Linux. desktop environments It is based on hk_classes. News, documentation, desktop environments screenshots, changelog, desktop environments FAQ and a mailinglist for discussions.
  • KPGsql - A frontend for the database system postgresql.
  • Kexi - An integrated environment for managing data. It helps desktop environments creating kde database schemas, inserting, querying and processing data. desktop environments Screenshots, downloads, kde resources, a wiki and a list desktop environments of involved developers.
  • Kuery for MySQL - Tries to offer a GUI for MySQL administration. The UI kde superficially resembles portions of Microsoft\\'s Enterprise Manager for SQL Server. kde Description, discussion and software download.
  • DbDesigner - A visual database designer suitable for designing complex database models.

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