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Provides a C++ library to store a full text inverted index, for the purpose of located documents containing specific words.

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  • genSQL - Generic SQL Interface - Generic SQL Interface using gnome and uC++.
  • GtkSQL - GtkSQL is a graphical query tool (like PostgreSQL\\'s projects psql). It is released under the GNU GPL projects license, and was developed using Gtk+ 1.2.3 projects and PostgreSQL 6.3.
  • Senga - GNU Mifluz - Provides a C++ library to store a full projects text inverted databases index, for the purpose of located projects documents containing specific words.
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  • iODBC: Platform Independent ODBC - iODBC is an Open Source effort that provides data management platform projects independent implementation of both the ODBC and data management X/Open SQL projects Call Level Interface specifications. iODBC deliverables data management include: Platform Independent projects ODBC SDK, and Platform independent data management runtime components th
  • Denis Klaric's oracle on linux pages - Oracle on linux installation guides, oracle 8i, 9i databases on Red hat linux
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  • Empress Relational Database Management System - The fast, compact Empress RDBMS ( Relational Database Management System ) is ideal for use in embedded applications on Unix, Windows, or real-time environments.

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