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Allows you to manage a large collection of tracks on multiple (CD) volumes and provide a 'batch' oriented load mechanism for your jukebox device.

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See Also:
  • Knapster2 - A KDE2 clone of the Windows Napster MP3 music sharing desktop environments client.
  • KDE DockControl for XMMS - A KDE 2 panel dock app to control desktop environments the kde favourite Mp3 Player XMMS.
  • Hounddog - A small KDE application that can be used sound tools as an instrument tuner or just in general sound tools to identify the pitch of an input signal.
  • Krio - A graphical interface to your Diamond Rio.
  • Koog Epsilon - Koog Epsilon is dedicated toward providing a very sound tools friendly desktop environments napster experience on KDE.
  • Hayes - A filesystem-based playlist for the music-player Noatun. Current kde release, history of the application, downloads.
  • KRecord - A KDE sound recorder.
  • OSS Mixer - A Linux (and some other unixes) audio mixer, kde based onOpen sound tools Sound System API.
  • Mp3Kult - An MP3 organizer utilizing MySQL. It can read desktop environments Mp3/Ogg kde Tag and song information, make playlists, play desktop environments song with kde an external player and find a desktop environments song in database. kde News, screenshots, download, requirements, installation, desktop environments changelog.
  • MP3Organizer - A tool to organize your MP3-collection.
  • JukeboxManager - Allows you to manage a large collection of desktop environments tracks desktop environments on multiple (CD) volumes and provide a desktop environments \'batch\' oriented desktop environments load mechanism for your jukebox device.
  • KHdRecord - Record from audio directly to the harddrive in KDE. Usage, sound tools history and software download.
  • kio_fish - A kioslave for KDE 2.0 that lets you desktop environments view desktop environments and manipulate your remote files using just desktop environments a simple desktop environments shell account and some standard unix desktop environments commands on the desktop environments remote machine.
  • KCorrMeter - A correlation meter for an audio signal. Describes kde the application sound tools and shows screenshots.
  • knapster - A Linux KDE napster client clone.
  • KWaves - A program for making music, you can connect sound tools any kde key of your computer keyboard to any sound tools wave file.
  • MusE: Linux Music Editor - A MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities.
  • KStereo - A simple correlation meter based on KDE and /dev/dsp under kde Linux.
  • Xgmod - A module player with an X interface for desktop environments Linux. Uses the Qt library.
  • Kfilter - A tool to design acoustic loudspeakers in the theoretical way.
  • oKle - oKle is a KDE frontend to the Ogle desktop environments DVD desktop environments player. News, description, downloads and a mailing desktop environments list.
  • Kwave - A sound editor for KDE.
  • KMPlayer - Basic MPlayer/Xine/ffmpeg/ffserver frontend for KDE.
  • KprefMP3 - An MP3 player front-end that sits in the kpanel playing your MP3 collection in a random order, but with ratings.
  • KRadio - A radio application for KDE2.
  • KMid - A X11 / KDE based midi player for kde Linux and sound tools FreeBSD.
  • ktune - A KDE guitar tuning application.
  • Brahms - Brahms intends to be for Linux, what CuBase kde is for desktop environments MacOS/Windows.
  • LibKMid - A library that implements all the features needed to play sound tools MIDI events on MIDI devices.
  • KDE-Radio - An application to control your video4linux compatible radiocard (e.g. Hauppauge kde WinTV/Radio) with a small KDE program. It can be kde docked into the "kicker".
  • NoteEdit - A music note editor for KDE under Linux, complete with playing support and export capatibilities.
  • amaroK - A media player for KDE.
  • KCast / Trout MP3 Streamer - An audio streaming server and GUI playlist editor.

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