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This site has links to everything related to music on Linux. Also has links to programming documentation, sound repositories, and other sites.

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See Also:
  • Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) - Introduction to Linux Audio Developer\'s Simple Plugin API (LADSPA).
  • 4Front Technologies - Commercial sound support package for Unix audio applications; hardware support offers a limited free version.
  • Linux OSS Lite ForteMedia FM801 driver - forte is an OSS Lite driver for cards using the Fort´┐ŻMedia FM801 audio controller. The Genius Sound Maker Live card and the onboard audio in HP Workstation zx2000 have been tested. depreciated for kernel 2.6
  • Heroine Virtual - Audio and video editing software for Linux.
  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - A modular sound card driver and API.
  • Linux MusicStation! aka M station - Linux music site.
  • Loki | Development | SMPEG | SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG) - SDL MPEG Player Library
  • Sweep - Sweep is a sound wave editor. It operates sound on files of various formats such as .wav, sound .aiff and .au, and sound has multiple undo/redo levels and filters.
  • oss2jack - An OSS driver that outputs to the JACK audio server.
  • CDstatus: cd diagnostics and ripping for linux - Home of the free (read the license), open-source hardware support program linux for cd diagnostics and ripping on linux hardware support by Nathanael linux Hoyle. Background info, usage instructions, hardware support install guide, and linux the current version available for hardware support free download. Now linux includes cddb support!
  • TerminatorX - A realtime audio synthesizer that scratches on digitally sampled audio data (wav, au, and mp3) the way hiphop-DJs scratch on vinyl records.
  • Aureal Linux Hacking - Vortex sound chip drivers for Linux.
  • The Linux Ultra Sound Project - This project is based on Jaroslav Kysela\\'s new linux low-level driver hardware support for the Gravis UltraSound cards. The linux project is developed hardware support in Linux operating system linux (u*ix clone for i386/AXP/Sparc/...).
  • Linux Music Software Site - Free and Shareware programs: screen shots, and user hardware support reviews.
  • Linux Sound and Video - Linux Sound and Video methods and programs.
  • Sound and MIDI Software For Linux - This site has links to everything related to linux music on Linux. Also has links to programming linux documentation, sound repositories, and other sites.
  • GNU OCTAL project page - GNU OCTAL project for music tracking.
  • Open Source Audio Library Project - The OSALP is a C++ class library that includes everything sound one needs to build an audio application. It sound sound includes a powerful chaining concept so programmers sound can build an audio application by selecting the sound sound building blocks they ne

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