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A set of programs to make use of your webcam, saving snapshots, create movies and do videoconferencing. The interface is based on Qt.

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See Also:
  • Multimedia at K Desktop Environment Home - The multimedia related site at
  • ZZplayer - An MPEG-I video player for the KDE environment.
  • KCDLabel - Create covers, labels and booklets for your CD kde cases.
  • Noatun - A media player for WAV, MP3, OggVorbis, MPEG-1, desktop environments and kde DivX for KDE 2. Features audio effects, desktop environments a six-band kde graphic equalizer, a full plugin architecture, desktop environments network transparency, and kde several KDE look and feels.
  • KGuitar - An efficient and easy-to-use environment for a guitarist.
  • KDisk-At-Once - Program for editing the CD-Audio table of content kde (TOC) compatible with the utility "cdrdao" for writing kde disk at once. You can add and play kde your tracks from sound files and set text kde information with an intuitive graphical interface.
  • LibKMid - A library that implements all the features any multimedia application will multimedia ever need to play MIDI events multimedia on MIDI devices.
  • RaveMPGUI - A GUI to work with the RaveMP MP3 multimedia Player under multimedia KDE.
  • Krio - A graphical interface to your Diamond Rio.
  • K CD Cover Creator - A KDE-Application which creates cd-rom covers for data-cds in LaTeX-Format or as a postscript-file.
  • KPlayer - MPlayer based media player for KDE - Plays a wide variety of video and audio multimedia files and kde streams. Provides screenshots, changelogs, downloads, install multimedia instructions, a todo-list and kde Online CVS-Access.
  • kover - An WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support, kde similar to kde Easy CD Pro 2.0.
  • QGEO - Provides Linux users with a tool that can desktop environments read and display CDs from the National Geographic desktop environments Interactive collections.
  • Kvdr - Describes how to use your PC as Video desktop environments Recorder. multimedia Kdvr is a GUI for a virtual desktop environments Video Recorder. multimedia Download, requirements, screenshots and the handbook desktop environments for online-reading.
  • KreateCD - CD recording software for the K Desktop Environment, uses the cd-tools commandline utilities internally.
  • JuK - An audio jukebox that supports collections of MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.
  • krecord - A KDE sound recorder.
  • KDVD - A DVD player for KDE.
  • aKtion! video player - A video player based on xanim. It (xanim) multimedia supports many desktop environments different file formats: AVI, Quicktime, FLI, multimedia FLC, IFF, GIF87a and desktop environments GIF89a files, GIF89a animation multimedia extension support, DL animations, Amiga MovieSetter desktop environments animations, multimedia Utah Raster Toolkit RLE images and a
  • Kmp3burn - A simple to use interface to the perl-script mp3burn written by Ryan Richter.
  • CamStream - A set of programs to make use of your webcam, kde saving snapshots, create movies and do videoconferencing. The interface is kde based on Qt.
  • KisoCD - A CD-burning-frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs.
  • KGuitune/Guitune/GtkGuitune - A linux guitar tuner program for tuning guitars kde or other desktop environments instruments. Available for KDE, Qt, Gtk--.
  • KWav2CD - A front-end for CDRDAO. It produces TOC files desktop environments and starts CDRDAO.
  • Kaffeine - A multimedia-player using xine. News, screenshots, downloads, documentation.
  • K ModBox - A module player for KDE. Plays MOD, XM, IT, S3M, STM, MTM, and 669.
  • Kxine - A simple KDE interface to the xine library. News, software downloads and a mailing list via
  • K3b - CD-Burning with KDE.
  • Noatun :: aRts - Modplug - This plugin is able to play the Tracker/Mod music (like, it, xm, mod)through the use of modplug (a Windows Mod with the same name).
  • Korbis - The KDE CD to Ogg Vorbis compression utility. desktop environments Describes desktop environments the project, lists todo items and provides desktop environments links to desktop environments related projects.

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