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This category lists pages of individual people involved in one or the other way with KDE Development. Look at the description of the main KDE Category for more information about KDE.

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  • Reginald Stadlbauer - KOffice developer
  • - A site with background information about KDE: changes committed to desktop environments the CVS repository, some articles about the design of KDE desktop environments and KDE 2 and other useful links.
  • Linux Online - Interview with David Faure - An online version of an interview with David kde Faure, provided by Linux Online. Mostly about the kde then upcoming KDE 2.0 release.
  • Hans Matzen - Creator of the KDE-Tool Kleds V0.1. This tool hopefully supports desktop environments users of keyboards without LED\\'s, showing the state of the desktop environments keyboard indicators (NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock) in the KDE-Panel.
  • Falk Brettschneider - An interview with the KDE-Developer in the KDE-People-Series.
  • Rudolf K├Ânig - Creator of Tb/KTb. Tb stands for Tree Browser. Its main desktop environments strength is the algorithm used in displaying the file hierarchy. desktop environments The result can be printed on a postscript printer. The desktop environments program uses the XView library.
  • The People Behind KDE - Series of interviews with KDE developers.
  • KDE Development by Neil Stevens - Some applications and other development for KDE. Kaboodle is a simple KMedia (aRts) player for KDE, Hayes playlist, other apps.
  • Meni Livne - An interview with the translator of KDE to people Hebrew.
  • Interview with Preston Brown - An interview with the author of KOrganizer.
  • The Granroth Web Home - The page of Kurt Ganroth, former employee of SuSE Inc. where he worked on KDE full-time.
  • David Faure - An interview with David in the series of "The People kde Behind KDE".
  • In conversation with Martin Konold - Excerpts from an interview with Martin Konold.
  • David Sweet - Transscripts of talks by David, Books about KDE people and audio tools.
  • Behind KDE - Pointers to sites with information about KDE developers kde and other kde people involved with KDE.
  • Adriaan de Groot - An Interview with the developer of KPilot in kde the "The People Behind KDE"-Series.
  • Arash Zeini - An interview with the KDE-Developer in the "The desktop environments People Behind KDE"-Series.
  • Eva Brucherseifer - An interview with Eva in the series of "The People kde Behind KDE".
  • KDE Virtual Developer's Gallery - A list of persons involved in developing KDE.
  • SegFault's KDE Projects - Contains Quickstarter, Mozilla Quickstarter, KcmSambaConf and Roaring kde Penguin PPPoE Kontrol.

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