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FVWM or [whatever F word you like, most often assumed to be Feline] Virtual Window Manager is a small, ICCM compliant Window manager. It was based from TWM (Tabbed Window Manager), but added support for Virtual Screens, making it extremely more powerful. It comes with a number of applets that perform simple functions (i.e. The pager -- it lists all your open windows). Although Difficult for many to set up at first, once it is properly configured you will be in awe at its speed and flexibility.

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Editor's Picks:

The Official FVWM Homepage* - The official FVWM site.

  • FVWM-95 - A window manager based on FVWM 2.x, and x11 provides all fvwm the features FVWM provides, but is x11 tailored to look as fvwm much as a Windows x11 desktop as possible.
  • Fvwm Resource - Themes, documentation, graphics, and configuration.
  • Jos van Riswick - Fvwm themes - A perl script to create vector buttons and fvwm a few window managers themes.
  • The Official FVWM Themes Home Page - FVWM Themes is a highly featured configuration framework for the fvwm latest FVWM versions. Many popular themes are included.
  • Fvwm Configs - Some ready for use Fvwm config-files and related links.
  • FVWM Forums - Messageboards covering configuration, key bindings, fvwmscript, themes and window managers feature window managers requests.
  • Eric's Big Blue-Steel Desktop - Author's fvwm desktop for large screens.
  • The EWS FVWM-2 and FVWM-95 Tutorial - An introduction to the FVWM2 and FVWM95 desktop. window managers Instruction on how to setup FVWM2 and FVWM95.
  • Themes for FVWM 2.4.xx and 2.6.xx - Some FVWM themes, ready for use.

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