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A distributed hash table network filesystem for Linux that is able to scale on many nodes across the network providing instant routing of objects in a deterministic way.

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See Also:
  • DiskInternals NTFS Reader - Provides read access to NTFS disks from Windows disk management 95, software 98 and Me.
  • Mtools - A collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix software without mounting them. Supports Win\\'95 style long file names, OS/2 software Xdf disks and 2m disks. With source code.
  • Magma - A distributed hash table network filesystem for Linux file systems that is able to scale on many nodes file systems across the network providing instant routing of objects file systems in a deterministic way.
  • DataPlow SAN File System Software - The DataPlow storage area network (SAN) file system software support multiple platforms and network configurations.
  • Tagsistant - Tagsistant is a semantic filesystem for Linux/BSD kernels allows file management using tags. Files can be placed in directories which are tags and later retrieved with a query/path like: tag1/AND/tag2/OR/tag1/AND/tag3
  • HFS Utilities - Hierarchical File System is the native volume format used on modern Macintosh computers. Hfsutils is a software package being developed to permit manipulation of HFS volumes from UNIX and other systems.
  • Bo Branten Projects - Open Source WindowsNT and Linux file system software. disk management Ntifs.h, disk management Ext2fs_Rec NT Ext2 file system recognizer, SwapFs disk management NT driver disk management to use Linux swap partition, FileDisk disk management is a virtual disk management disk driver for NT that disk management uses files to emulate disk management physical disks.
  • Ext2Read - Ext2Read is a DOS utility to view and copy Ext2/Ext3 software files and folders. [DOS, Windows 95/98/Me]
  • UFS Explorer - Data Access, File Recovery, RAID Recovery software for most Windows, disk management Linux, MacOS file systems (FAT / NTFS / Ext2 / disk management Ext3 / ReiserFS / XFS / UFS / UFS2 / disk management HFS / HFS+).
  • Stealth Storage - Powerful feature-rich file storage system. Strong encryption can file systems be file systems used to protect personal data.
  • Stealth Folder Hide XP - Hide any Folder and File on your PC. disk management Stealth Folder Hide XP includes Clear Tracks utility disk management and File Eradicator.
  • recovery data software - URGENTRECOVERY for Windows is a safe and affordable file systems do-it-yourself data recovery solution that is designed to file systems recover lost and deleted files from all.

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