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C source code for Linux floppy tuning utilities. For configuring and debugging the floppy driver, formatting extra capacity disks, and for sending raw commands to the floppy controller.

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  • DiskView - A disk management software that graphically shows disk computers space usage, file fragmentation and hard disk health computers based on S.M.A.R.T. technology - within Windows Explorer.
  • Fdutils - C source code for Linux floppy tuning utilities. computers For configuring and debugging the floppy driver, formatting computers extra capacity disks, and for sending raw commands computers to the floppy controller.
  • Norton SystemWorks Basic Edition - Package for computer protection and file recovery from Symantec.
  • O&O Software - Offering a variety of disk management solutions for computers Windows including software tools for defragmenting and data recovery.
  • Blancco Ltd. - Data Cleaner - Data erasure utility certified by CESG Infosec, computers DIPCOG, NSTL. Data recovery is impossible. It bypasses computers BIOS and OS and supports IDE AT/IDE, SCSI/USB computers and FireWire hard disks. [Windows platform only]
  • Smartmontools Home Page - Public-domain Linux/Windows/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD package contains two utility programs (smartctl and smartd) computers to control and monitor storage systems using the self-monitoring, analysis computers and reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) built into most modern A
  • Paragon Software Group - Partition management, secure deletion, disk backup and imaging software tools.
  • Nucleus Data Recovery - Recover data from crashed computer disks, laptop disks, pen drives, computers mermory cards, usd drives. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Novell computers partitions.
  • RAMBooster.Net - A RAM memory optimizer and cleaner for defragmenting physical memory. disk management It will displays real-time graphs of available physical and virtual disk management RAM. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP]
  • Max - Replaces the Windows 98 boot disk.
  • PowerQuest Corporation - Provider of storage management software including PartitionMagic, DriveImage disk management Pro, disk management ServerMagic, DriveCopy, SecondChance and DataKeeper. Trial downloads.
  • HDD Health - SMART disk status check and failure-prediction utility that supports pop-up computers and event log notification mechanisms [Windows 9X, NT, Me, 2000 computers and XP]
  • Advanced Drive Protector - Hide, control access and/or prevent autorun on PC disk management hard disk management drives, network drives and removable media drives.
  • Runtime Software - Data recovery software for all Windows file systems. Recover deleted computers files, corrupted hard drives, and partitions.
  • R-tools Technology Inc. - Disk management software including utilities for data recovery, computers drive imaging, computers disk wiping and access control.
  • Multi Data Rescue - Recover lost and deleted files from CD/DVD discs and Digital Media.
  • Sumation Explorer - Manage and identify storage shortages on systems and disk management analyze disk management the operation, to maximize storage resources. Product disk management specifications, pricing, disk management FAQs, screenshots, downloads, and contact details.
  • CD-R ATIP Reader - Read information from CD-R/RW media and output it disk management for user in raw binary data view, in disk management fields values view and in translated view. Information disk management can contain media manufacturer name, disc type and disk management additional information. Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
  • Raxco Software, USA - Optimization, and performance software for Windows and OpenVMS disk management networks. Products include Perfectdisk 2000 disk defragmentation, RepairDisk disk management Manager for disaster protection, Personal WorkSaver a Corporate disk management disk management and recovery, and version control.
  • Kernel Recovery Tools - Kernel Recovery Tools are designed to recover data software from the software Windows (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5), Linux software (Ext2, Ext3, JFS, ReiserFS), software UNIX (UFS, EAFS, HTFS, software VxFS, FFS), Novell Netware (NWFS, Net386, software NSS) and software Apple Macintosh file systems/
  • Madboot.com - Links to bootdisks of all kinds, drivers, message disk management board computers and chat.
  • NTFS Reader for DOS - Free tool that provides read access to NTFS computers partitions within computers the MS DOS environment.
  • SpeedUpMyPC - Free up memory and other resources. Optimize Internet computers connection, reassign CPU resources to improve performance, prevent computers crashes and reduce startup times considerably. Recover from computers crashes and terminate misbehaving applications instantly.
  • Drive Health - The hard disk analyzing and monitoring tool based computers on the S.M.A.R.T. technology. Will predict HDD failure computers and prevent losing critical data. Supports both IDE/ATA computers and SCSI interfaces.
  • Portlock - Provides software solutions to manage Novell NetWare disks, partitions and computers volumes, which includes defragmentation, volume resizing and volume segment management.
  • Powerdefrag.com - Power Defrag 2.00 optimizes the operation of the software Windows disk software defragmenter tool and improves its stability. software Shareware run on Win software 95/98/SE/ME.
  • CharisMac - High end storage software for Windows NT and disk management Macintosh, disk management including Anubis hard disk formatter, Backup Mastery, disk management RAID software, disk management AutoCache CD acceleration, Diascribe CD writing, disk management PowerControl SCSI mode disk management page setter, FibreShare serial network disk management storage, SMART disk
  • Acronis - Disk and partition management utilities. Company news disk management and product details.
  • USB Safely Remove - Utility that extends Safely Remove Hardware icon functionality
  • SpaceGuard SRM - A directory based quota management tool featuring quota software enforcement, notification through popup and SMTP/MAPI mail, and software Active Directory integration.
  • Otium Utilistor - A storage resource management product that monitors disk capacity and computers analyses data across networked servers.
  • IsoBuster - Data recovery from damaged CD and DVD media. Windows shareware computers with multiple language support.
  • EzReload Boot Disk - Software for Windows reloading. For Win95, Win98, ME, software XP and disk management 2000.
  • Disk Management for Windows XP - Microsoft Knowledge Base article describing common disk management disk management tasks computers for Windows XP
  • Advanced CD Catalog - Creates searchable catalog of removable media, prints labels. software Freeware.
  • Datacatch Librarian - Software for cataloging and managing removable media, integrated computers with Windows.
  • Smart CD Catalog - Software for organizing and managing CDs, DVDs, and other media software collections.

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