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Easy, flexible, and transparent data management solutions including real-time file backup and synchronization. Server and web-sever replication and mirroring. Continuous desktop protection.

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  • Transpire - Rename all the files in the specified directory computers and specified file management subdirectories so that filenames containing Cyrillic computers letters are changed to file management the filenames with Latin computers letters only. [Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP]
  • Funduc Software - Windows shareware and freeware, file management utilities include computers Search and file management Replace, Directory Toolkit for comparison and computers compression, command line Folder file management Synchronize, File Merge Express.
  • Glenn Alcott Software - Windows shareware. Super Explorer file manager, Directory Printer, software Directory Compare, Super Text Search, FontLook previewer.
  • everStor Software Corporation - Enterprise storage management software, including solutions for file software synchronization and archiving, hierarchical storage management (HSM), and software tape or optical library handlers.
  • Compuware's File-aid Products - Provides an enterprise data management workbench, to quickly and easily find, create, extract, transfer, convert, load, edit, age and maintain data.
  • VU-Brief 3.2 - Free utility to compare and synchronize directories and software files between remote computers.
  • Easy2Sync - Automatically synchronize the files from the laptop or notebook with computers the desktop automatically.
  • Peer Software, Inc. - Easy, flexible, and transparent data management solutions including software real-time file file management backup and synchronization. Server and web-sever software replication and mirroring. Continuous file management desktop protection.
  • WinISO - WinISO is a CD-ROM image file utility that can convert BIN to ISO, extract/edit/create ISO files directly, make bootable CDs and as a BIN/ISO converter/extractor/editor.
  • SyncPro Backup - Synchronize, transfer, backup and archive folders and files file management between the same drive, another drive or across file management a network, with a single click. [Windows]
  • Sync Folder - Visual file comparison/merging and folder synchronization application, reconciles file management entire branches of source code.
  • ABM Software - Directory Report is a directory printer that is loaded with file management features such as prints to a printer, text file or file management Excel file, multiple file rename, searches for duplicate files, prints file management WAV and MP3 information, and computes file and directory Cyclic file management Redundanc
  • DiskDB - Disk and file Windows cataloging tool for CD-ROM, computers ZIP, MO, file management FD and hard disks. View the computers directories of all the file management stored media with an computers Explorer-like browser.
  • Ace Utilities - System maintenance utilities for Windows including a registry file management cleaner, disk cleaner, duplicate file finder, and internet file management track eraser.
  • LinkFixerPlus - Microsoft Word users, Microsoft Excel users, Microsoft PowerPoint file management users, Microsoft Office users and Webmasters can rename file management or move linked files, in batch, without causing file management broken links in the files that point to file management them.
  • Better File Rename - Shell extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows software users to quickly rename multiple files. utility transforms software the often tedious and time-consuming task of renaming software multiple files into a simple matter of seconds. software Plugin version for the Macintosh Finder
  • Ultra WinCleaner 2002 - It cleans all areas of the Windows operating system, including file management unnecessary files, Internet clutter as well as the physical memory. file management Cleans and defrags the computers memory. Download trial version, provides file management free 24 hours support.
  • Soft Experience Integration Software - Windows and Macintosh shareware and freeware file management software and synchronization utilities include Catalogue, MacExplorer, MacNames, Idem, software BriefAudit, SumInfos, IpaPurge, and others.
  • Arup: Columbus - Free document management tool to organize data the computers way it computers is perceives. Gather data under one computers heading even though it computers is spread across multiple computers servers around the globe accessed by computers different methods computers and is on multiple file systems. It can computers computers view over 300 fil
  • DiFolders - Program that sorts and controls files using predefined rules; moved, copied, and deleted. Supports multiple hard and removable drives, and networks.
  • FileCheckMD5 - Free MD5 file integrity checker for Windows.
  • Direct Folders - Access most recent and favorite folders directly from the standard software File Open and File Save dialog boxes, as well as software Explorer, WinZip and WinRAR. Can also automatically resize file dialogs, software switch to the details view and set keyboard focus to software the file list
  • System LifeGuard - Find and delete junk and duplicate files; organize data; clean computers registry; fully uninstall unwanted programs; empty temporary folders; find and computers remove invalid links and protect internet privacy. Software descriptions, screenshots, computers FAQs, download, and contac
  • XFilesDialog - Improves the standard file dialogs of Windows Open/Load/Save file management with new features. Automatically resize all that file file management dialogs and will be possible to have a file management history of recently used files and folders and file management a list of favorites.
  • hIOmon from hyperI/O - Advanced software tool that both measures and monitors disk I/O operations up at the application level upon an individual, specific file basis. Includes support for various file export formats and process-based file I/O access and performance metrics. [Wi
  • Advanced File Organizer - Windows cataloging tool for organizing disks. It helps file management to computers catalog all files, folders and volumes by file management hierarchical categories.
  • fileWATCH - This software monitors the changes in the hard computers drive(s) and software registry on the system using saved computers catalog files. 32-bit application software for the Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 computers platform.
  • Fineware Systems - Shareware Windows utilities. File Ferret and Space Hound computers search, manage file management files, and eliminate duplicates, Data Pouch computers stores information, Password Squirrel, file management Attributer sets file properties, computers Peeper is a file viewer.
  • Idem - File Synchronization Software utility for Windows and Macintosh file management files on NT/2000. Features the ability to fully file management preserve Macintosh filenames and structures when stored on file management a Windows NT/2000 server.
  • Alex Fauland's Tools and Utilities - Windows freeware for file renaming, splitting, merging, and software text replacement. English and German versions.

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