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Disk Crypt encryption "on the fly" creates a virtual disk on your system (cryptdisk). (Keyfile) and a highly secure passphrase process.

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  • AutoKrypt - Encryption software that will automatically encrypt or decrypt files and file encryption folders. Encryption methods include password based, public and private key, file encryption secret key, OpenPGP password, OpenPGP public and private key.
  • Cryptosystem ME6 - Provides ME6, a Windows program for the encrypting file encryption and decrypting multiple files in multiple folders using file encryption a proprietary cipher with a 500-bit symmetric key.
  • RS-Computer - Disk Crypt encryption "on the fly" creates cryptography a virtual file encryption disk on your system (cryptdisk). cryptography (Keyfile) and a highly file encryption secure passphrase process.
  • WinSesame - Encryption software to password protect folders on hard disk, network, cryptography CD, and external drives on Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, cryptography Vista computers.
  • Cryptzone AB - Secured eGuard software for encryption and access control over removable cryptography media (data leak prevention).
  • MAXA Research Int'l Inc - Software for encryption, steganography, Word file cleaning, cookie products and tools file encryption cleaning etc., in German, English or Spanish.
  • Secward Technologies Inc. - Encryption products to secure digital content transparently and provide secure file encryption collaboration for distributed software developers.
  • visNotes - An encrypted memo sheet for private memos and products and tools texts. Access is protected by the well-known patented products and tools Visual Key technology.
  • PrivacyCrypt - Information and DLLs to assist the implementation of products and tools DES and RSA cryptographic subsystems.
  • SafeHouse Professional - Hard disk and USB memory stick file encryption cryptography for Windows. Includes AES and Twofish encryption, administration, cryptography policy settings and deployment tools.
  • LexiGuard - File protection software that supports most common encryption cryptography algorithms. Can file encryption generate own keys and certificates or cryptography import them from other file encryption PKI vendors. Includes emergency cryptography key recovery facilities. [Windows]
  • ccrypt - Command-line file and stream encryption utility based on Rijndael, designed file encryption to replace crypt. Open source and GPL.
  • PowerKey - Encryption toolkit designed to protect sensitive data. Features products and tools file encryption secure deletion (Wipe) option to avoid restoration of products and tools file encryption sensitive data. Product specifications, FAQs, and downloads.
  • Hyblue - Offers IceLock, a file and folder encryption technology file encryption that uses the software as a service model file encryption to reduce administration and deployment costs.
  • Softwinter - Offers tools for transparent encryption on Pocket PC cryptography and Windows based computers.
  • SecureDNA - Encrypt files, folders, CDs, E-mails, USB sticks, conceal data in files and wipe files.
  • GoldKey - USB tokens for multi-factor authentication plus 256-bit AES products and tools cryptography encryption of hard drives, laptops, emails, backups and products and tools cryptography other sensitive data with hierarchical group permissions.
  • AWAY32 - Encryption with viewer and digital signature that keeps cryptography pictures, data, products and tools and text private.
  • Meganet Corporation - Offers data security solutions using proprietary encryption called file encryption Virtual Matrix Encryption. Products for laptop, desktop, and file encryption corporate privacy include VME2000, VMEmail, Fast Encryption Software file encryption Developer Kit and VME Secure web tools.
  • Alligator Data Guard - File, folder and disk encryption utility with 256 file encryption bit AES encryption, integrates with Windows Explorer interface, file encryption also includes file shredder.
  • KFileCoder - C++ open source Linux KDE file encryption utility with optional products and tools bzip or gzip compression, using the PC1 algorithm with 128-bit products and tools keys (one key per file in the archive).
  • SecureAction Research - Encryption software for Windows, encrypt files, e-mail text messages, sfx file encryption files, providing encryption from command line.
  • DRM Networks, LLC - Providing solutions for online digital rights management across file encryption multi-platform networks. Allows content owners to securely package file encryption digital files for distribution, by encrypting the content file encryption with a key.
  • IronKey - Tamper-resistant USB flash drives with AES data encryption file encryption in file encryption hardware.
  • Interfuse Technology - Automated encryption and decryption of Windows document files. Also products and tools provides Digital Rights Management.
  • CryptDecrypt - File and folder encryption utility supporting AES, GOST, 3DES, RC2, cryptography RC4 and Windows data protection API.
  • nokVAULT Corp - A proprietary file system, unique to each installation, file encryption to file encryption encrypt and hide files.
  • OmniSecure - Produces file level protection products for web servers and file servers using our patented Virtual Private Disk Technology.
  • SATA Hi-Tech Services - Biometric and autorun USB tokens for secure authentication products and tools products and tools and data encryption. Italian and English language products and tools products and tools site.
  • - Provides EC3, a free program using a proprietary products and tools cipher with key sizes ranging from 256 bit products and tools to 65536 bits.
  • CipherPack - CipherPack compresses and enciphers files using industrial strength cryptographic techniques file encryption and then \\'packs\\' them with the decompression and deciphering file encryption code. Use as a standalone utility or anti-piracy software.
  • Encryption Protection - Encryption Protection encrypts files, folders, and email using cryptography 128, 256, file encryption or 448 bit keys. Also includes cryptography file shredder. [Windows]
  • Invisible Secrets - Encrypts and hides data, destroy Internet traces, shred cryptography files, make file encryption secure IP to IP password transfer cryptography and even lock any file encryption application on the computer.
  • CHAOS' doors - CHAOS\\' doors can compress the files and folders before products and tools encrypting them, giving additional security to your information.
  • The OTP Scrambler - An encryption utility based on the uncrackable one-time pad method. products and tools Its unique feature is the ability to generate large truly products and tools random keys from analog noise in the circuits of your products and tools sound card. Source included with registered copy.
  • Folder-Protector - Folder encryption utility supporting 256-bit BLOWFISH algorithm.
  • Kremlin Encryption Suite - File encryption and deletion software with a choice cryptography of encryption file encryption algorithms and a royalty-free Software Development cryptography Kit to cryptographically-enable other file encryption programs.
  • SecretAgent - File encryption utility, supporting cross-platform interoperability over a products and tools file encryption wide range of Windows and UNIX based systems.
  • Nscrypt - File encryption utility, integrates with Windows explorer interface. [Windows, Freeware]

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