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Offers software to convert between the most popular word processing, spreadsheet and graphics formats. Software supports batch conversion and demos are available for download.

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  • Lincoln & Co - Document conversion to graphics formats focusing on fax, data formats imaging, printing and viewers to display PostScript and data formats PCL. Support for Windows, Unix and linux. data formats Offers subscription online service.
  • OpenSyncro - Open source enterprise application integration toolkit for batch conversion conversion of CSV and semi-structured text to XML, conversion with support for XSLT, FTP, HTTP and database conversion connection.
  • Crawford Technologies - Suite of products to exchange between Xerox metacode, LCDS, DJDE, data formats AFP, MO:DCA-P, PostScript, PCL, PDF, XML, CSV files, ASCII and data formats EBCDIC print streams.
  • PageTech - The PCLTool SDK offers range of tools and software programs for software PCL conversion, transformation, and stream editing. software PCLWorks provides GUI programs software to access PCLTool functionality.
  • Parse-O-Matic - Convert, parse, mine, import and export data file, software report, web data formats capture, log, legacy database, text, CSV software (comma separated; comma delimited), data formats ASCII, EBCDIC, and binary software files. Windows and DOS supported.
  • JimiSoft: All2Txt - Shareware text extraction tool text supporting a range of source data formats file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office and HTML. Download, orders, data formats support and awards.
  • - Converts document files to images or printer data conversion formats, with conversion target formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF conversion and BMP, or Postscript, conversion PDF, PCL or HPGL. conversion [Requires Windows]
  • US National Library of Medicine: Electronic Document Conversion - Online tool for transforming image, word processing, HTML, software spreadsheet and other formats to PDF, TIFF, text software or synthesized speech. Software available to conversion to software PDF only. Requires free registration.
  • Chortkeh Rayaneh Hamrah, LLC - Provides electronic forms conversion software.
  • CSV Parser - .Net and Java classes for parsing delimited data formats, including CSV and tab delimited files. Offers demo version and online purchase.
  • Zentech - Print stream conversion specialists, with products for AFP conversion to PDF, Xerox metacode to PDF and AFP conversion to Xerox metacode transformations.
  • Docvert - Free PHP-based software to run a web service data formats for converting MS Word documents to OpenDocument and data formats HTML. Features, FAQ, screenshots, documentation, and download. [LGPL]
  • ConvertZone - Offers software to convert between the most popular data formats word software processing, spreadsheet and graphics formats. Software data formats supports batch software conversion and demos are available for data formats download.
  • PurePage - A dedicated conversion technology that can automatically convert software almost any conversion file (that you can print) into software HTML - making the conversion file Web and Intranet software ready.
  • PCL and HPGL Viewer - Converts HP-compatible printer files (PCL/HPGL) to PDF, TIFF, data formats PNG, CSV, TXT, XML and HTML ready for data formats archiving, editing, publishing or merging with other data.
  • Converter's Paradise - Listing of shareware conversion utilities for many data conversion formats including data formats download links.
  • Logipole - Developer of Konvertor graphic, audio, video and text conversion file converter supporting 238 unique formats.
  • Etasoft Import Studio - Software products for importing XML, EDI or any conversion format text into databases.
  • Davisor - Java software components for transforming between HTML, MS data formats Word and PowerPoint, RTF, XMSW, XMSP, XML and data formats PDF. Also offers chart generation, SVG and data data formats analysis and mining components, and custom development.
  • Visual Integrety - Commercial tools for conversion between a variety of software formats, including software from PDF and PostScript to SVG, software JPEG, and PNG.
  • Logiciels & Services Duhem - Solutions and tools to transfer data and exchange conversion files between conversion Macintosh and PC.
  • 4Convert - Collect software for converting file formats. Browse categories conversion or use data formats the search function.
  • Conversions Plus - Converts files from different word processing, spreadsheet, graphic and database formats.
  • Xenos - Infrastructure software, that changes complex legacy data and conversion documents into conversion industry-standard e-content formats for presentment on conversion the Web. Web-ready formats, conversion including XML, HTML, WML, conversion and PDF.
  • SoftInterface - Offers ActiveX components and standalone utilities for exchanging software files between data formats MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, RTF, software PDF, HTML, CSV, text data formats and image formats. Also software provides file comparison and search tools.
  • TXT2JPG - Coverts text file to JPG for viewing on data formats MP3 players.
  • Document Conversion Engine - Offers TIFF printer driver solutions which enable the software conversion of conversion business documents (MS Word, Excel, Adobe software Acrobat) into TIFF, BMP, conversion and JPEG image formats software ready for use with fax or conversion email.
  • Universal Document Converter - Transforms documents into image formats via the print software facilities in data formats other applications. Includes COM interface.
  • - Standalone shareware programs for interchange between PDF and text or conversion image formats, and MS Word and JPG. Also offers DVD conversion creation utility. Includes download, online registration and support.
  • KEYpak - Provides document converters for word processing formats on software a variety data formats of platforms.
  • SautinSoft - Utilities and libraries for conversion between RTF, PDF, HTML, XHTML, MS Office and image formats, under paid licensing and free trial versions. Includes product overviews, ordering and download.
  • Metasoft Systems - Print capture drivers and document and fax conversion software libraries transforming conversion to TIFF, JPG, BMP, DCX and software PCX. Also offers TIFF conversion viewer and fax cover software sheet designer.

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