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A converver, in the context of Internet authoring software, is any tool which translates one file format or language to another. Many of these will convert to and from HTML and other markup languages, but not all.

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See Also:
  • Piper Project - Rich Text Format (RTF) to HTML tool, documentation on web publishing.
  • RTF to XML Converter - Converts RTF documents to XML ones preserving initial authoring documents\' internal internet structure and appearance.
  • Click to Convert - Automatically converts many document formats to HTML or PDF. authoring For Windows 9x, NT, 2000 platforms.
  • Edc2HTML - Builds HTML documents from FrameBuilder element catalogs. [Requires Perl]
  • SkiSoft - Web Publisher, from Word, WordPerfect, Frame Maker, Rich Text Format, to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
  • WpaHTML - WordPerfect to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
  • IntraPDF - Convert PDF file to HTML format.
  • Man2html - From UNIX manpage to HTML.
  • Unroff - From UNIX troff format to HTML. [UNIX]
  • BibTeX2HTML - Collection of tools, from BibTeX to HTML. [UNIX]
  • HTML2Ps - From HTML to PostScript. [Multiple platforms, requires Perl]
  • Intelligent Converters:Text-to-HTML - Conversion utility to convert ASCII text documents into HTML format.
  • MHonArc - Generates HTML archives from various mail formats. [Perl]
  • T2T - From Comma Separated Values (CSV) to HTML tables. internet Free download, forum, screenshots. [Microsoft Windows]
  • HTMLDoc - HTML to PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF). internet [Microsoft Windows, authoring Unix, source code]
  • ExpressoWeb - Generates HTML from database formats. [Microsoft Windows, Visual Basic runtime]
  • Source to .html Converters - From C, C++, Java, Modula2, Pascal, Perl source authoring code to authoring HTML with syntax highlighting. [Linux]
  • Fmtoweb - From FrameMaker to HTML. [Requires Perl]
  • AscToHTM - From text to HTML. [Windows, OpenVMS]
  • Lore's Source Converter - From C, C++, Java, Delphi code to HTML. User\\'s internet manual, screenshots, download as free software. [Microsoft Windows].
  • Image2HTML - From GIF and JPEG images to HTML tables. Written authoring in Java.
  • Yet Another Word Converter - YAWC Pro - A plug-in for Microsoft Word (97, 2000 and authoring XP) that converters enables Word documents to be converted authoring into HTML or XML.
  • HTML Generation - Various conversion scripts from the World Wide Web converters Consortium.
  • Txt2HTML - From plain text to HTML. [Perl]
  • Net.db - Development of HTML projects from SQL databases. Free trial internet version, support newsgroup, FAQ. [Flash-intensive].
  • Logictran - From Rich Text Format to HTML and XML. [FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Solaris]
  • HTML_txt - From HTML to plain text. Written in internet REstructured eXtended authoring eXecutor (REXX) language. [OS2, other servers]
  • RTF-2-HTML - From Rich Text Format to HTML, an ActiveX internet COM component. authoring Can be used in ASP pages internet or within any gui authoring development language like Visual internet Basic. There is a free trial authoring version with internet sample projects available for download.
  • ANE Resources - Keypak, tools for information sharing and management via converters e-mail, in various formats. Available for most converters major operating systems.
  • Src2HTML - Generates HTML hierarchy from C source tree.
  • Asp2php - Active Server Pages (VBScript) to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. [Unix, Windows, source code]

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