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  • Splitpea - Command-line tool written in Python that can split software a file into multiple fixed-size pieces and join software those pieces to form the original file. Runs software on Linux and Windows. GPL from dOxxx.
  • Gair Software - Utility for splitting large files into several smaller file management parts, developed for the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Chop - TAssembly Language program for splitting large files (up to 4GB) for easier distribution. Files can be split by either the number of files specified, the maximum file size, or use preset common sizes for floppies and CDs.
  • File Split Program - Datei-Zerst├╝ckelung - Splits a large file into smaller pieces, uses software Cyclic Redundancy file management Check (CRC), and auto-concatenate. [Bilingual site software German/English]
  • Goetz's File Splitter - Split a large file into smaller files to file splitters fit on floppies or e-mail attachments. Command-line tool.
  • SplitIt! - Macintosh freeware to split a file into pieces file management of file splitters any size then reassemble it.

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