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Love it or hate it, vi is the text editor many grow to love. Vi is powerful, configurable and widely available - not just for Unix, clones exist for many platforms.

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  • Vimperator - Free browser add-on for Firefox, which makes it vi look and software behave like the Vim text editor.
  • The Vi/Ex Editor Tutorial - Advanced tutorial for the Vi/Ex editor written by Walter A. Zintz first published in Unix World magazine.
  • Vi Tutorial - A good Vi tutorial and user guide aimed at engineering students.
  • Emacs for Vi Users - Basic equivalent Emacs editor commands and operations for software users of software the Vi editor.
  • Graphical Vi-Vim Cheat Sheet - Tutorial based on the graphical cheat sheet created for people learning Vi or Vim.
  • Vi Survival Guide - Tutorial for new Vi users.
  • The Elvis Text Editor Homepage - The homepage of a popular Vi clone available for many operating systems.
  • Vi Editor Tutorial - Tutorial, including a description of basic and advanced commands and software settings.
  • The Vi Lover's Page - Overview covering history, versions of Vi, manuals, FAQs vi and other sites of interest.
  • BVI - Binary Visual Editor - The Bvi editor is a display-oriented editor for binary files, software based on the Vi text editor.
  • Vi Editor FAQ - Information, tips, and tricks for learning and using vi Vi.
  • The Traditional Vi - BSD ex/vi 3.7 ported to modern Unix systems. The original Vi source code, with a few necessary modernizations.
  • Mastering the VI Editor - A getting started guide for Vi users.
  • Vi Editor - A repository of helpful tools selected to aide software students learning how to use the Vi editor
  • An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi - An excellent paper written by the author of editors Vi, Bill Joy
  • The ViPowered! - Logo to use on web sites that are vi written and software maintained with Vi.
  • The Berkeley Vi (Nvi) Editor Home Page - Nvi is an implementation of the Ex/Vi text editors editor originally editors distributed as part of the Fourth editors Berkeley Software Distribution (4BSD).
  • Vi Reference - An expanded version of Maarten Litmaath\\'s Vi Reference. software More Ex commands and more examples.
  • WinVi - Free Notepad replacement highly compatible with the Vi editors editor issued editors under the GPL license.

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