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Allows parents to check their kids' lunch account balances just by using the telephone. They may also request activity reports to see what their kids have been buying for lunch.

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  • Lunch Phone - Allows parents to check their kids\\' lunch account educational balances just educational by using the telephone. They educational may also request activity educational reports to see what educational their kids have been buying for educational lunch.
  • Red Desk Solutions - SAIS management solutions to ensure your school is educational receiving the proper funding it deserves from the educational state
  • MasterWorks - Provider of school board administration software, including General Ledger, Accounts finance Payable and Payroll. Over 100 school boards in Western finance Canada currently use MasterWorks to meet their needs.
  • School Ledger - An internal funding account program that a school educational district can administration and school management use to track internal funds such educational as activity, athletic or administration and school management faculty funds. Features list, educational highlights and a trial.
  • ICAS - The Integrated Campus Administration System - Measure the viability and profitability of your courses. Manage the cash flow from your students\\' payment plans. Access a unique automated timetabling system. Convert your enquiries into registered students and sales. Decrease your bad debts through
  • Istek - [Win] Private Fund Manager for bursars helps manage educational the schools private funds. Easy data entry. Provides educational a range of reports for teachers and the educational finance department.

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