Japanese Languages Educational Software

[Win] A free plugin for Internet Explorer that injects furigana (phonetic hints) and word definitions in English into Japanese web pages.

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See Also:
  • Gakusoft - [Win]Maker of KingKanji, a shareware Japanese / Kanji flashcard program.
  • Kanji Gold - [Win] Japanese kanji program.
  • Kanji Trainer - Free online Kanji-Trainer.
  • WaKan - Dictionary, Editor and Vocabulary - Freeware tool for Japanese and Chinese language learners languages for Windows. educational Includes character dictionary, word dictionary, editor languages with kanji conversion, printing educational (kanji cards, vocabulary, text languages with furigana), and vocabulary manager.
  • Squidge Software - Software for learning the Japanese alphabet.
  • Train Your Brain - [Win] Generic flashcard software that can be used for a variety of languages.
  • MOJI - A Japanese dictionary integrated to the Mozilla Firebird educational browser. Provides translations into English, French or German educational and includes a Kanji dictionary.
  • jBrowse - Japanese Translation IE Plugin - [Win] A free plugin for Internet Explorer that educational injects furigana languages (phonetic hints) and word definitions in educational English into Japanese web languages pages.
  • Kana Sensei - [Win/MS-DOS] Japanese Language teaching software for beginners.
  • Practice Kanji - A free desktop Kanji flashcard program written in languages Java.
  • KanaSensei - Small java applet that facilitates learning of Japanese.
  • Kanji Trainer Penpen - [Win] A freeware Japanese kanji and/or Chinese hanzi languages study game, educational similar to Tetris.
  • gjiten - [Unix] A Japanese dictionary for Linux/Gtk, including Japanese japanese to English, languages English to Japanese and Kanji.
  • Declan's Japanese Language Software - [Win] Commercial software that teaches kanji, hiragana, and japanese katakana. Also languages available are audio flashcards software and japanese an English-Japanese dictionary.
  • Drill The Kanji - An on-line Java flashcard program for studying and educational testing on kanji, including reading (on-yomi, kun-yomi) and educational meaning tests.
  • Express Japanese Kanji Flashcards - Software for mobile/cell phones to aid students of Japanese learn languages Kanji, Hiragana and vocabulary.
  • QuickScholar.com - [Win] Software to help you learn Japanese, focusing on hiragana, katakana and kanji.
  • JquickTrans - [Win] Software for learning Japanese and using it on their educational PCs.
  • LexiKAN - Maker of flashcard software for learning to write and read Japanese Kanji and Kana.
  • Practice Japanese - Japanese vocabulary, grammar lessons and more. Create and share your japanese own lessons, or take those created by the community.
  • KanjiQuick - A kanji dictionary software for Windows giving including languages 6500 Japanese educational characters and 47.000 compounds. Supports handwriting languages and animated stroke order educational display.
  • L-Ceps Personaltrainer Japanese - [Win, Mac, Linux] Multimedia Japanese language software for learners without or with little previous knowledge of the Japanese language.

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