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[Win] This program includes over 40 academic reports, enables you to track attendance, and use seating charts. Free trial version available.

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See Also:
  • Markbook 9.0.2 - [Win] A program developed primarily for use in a sixth educational form environment, it can be used for recording marks as educational you would on paper. Developed in the UK.
  • - [Web-based] Gradebook, classroom standards assessment and instructional management program for gradebooks K-12 school districts. Site license only. Complete a form to gradebooks request a demonstration.
  • GradeGenie - [Win] A simple class grading and attendance program.
  • Altissima - [Win] A basic grading program offering attendance and teachers help student teachers help note capabilities. Trial version available.
  • GradeBookWizard - [Web-based] Gradebook, attendance tracker and class website builder educational for teachers.
  • Master Grade - [Win and Mac] Manage and report student progress. Trial version teachers help available.
  • GradeBusters - [Win, Mac, and Palm] A regularly updated computer-based gradebook that offers free upgrades for life.
  • GradeSpeed - [Web-based] Gradebook software for teachers to manage grades, teachers help assignments, educational lesson plans, progress reports, seating charts, attendance.
  • GradeQuick - [Web-based, Win, Mac, and Palm] Two versions are available GradeQuick Web and GradeQuick Network Edition. Site offers a trial version and a sign up for live tour.
  • SnapGrades - [Web-based] A program providing standards-based grading, attendance, seating charts, homework educational board, and modes specific for elementary, secondary and college. Site educational offers a trial version.
  • ClassMaster - [Win and Mac] An electronic grading program that teachers help calculates, gradebooks records, reports, and forecasts student and class teachers help performance.
  • Grade Point Grading Program - [Win and Palm] Paper Trail Software\\'s program is designed to help you stay organized and get your grading and reporting done faster. Trial version available.
  • - [Web-based] This grading program provides a detailed audit gradebooks trail of gradebooks all activity, includes custom reporting and gradebooks is designed for those gradebooks of any academic level. gradebooks Sign up available for evaluation.
  • GradeBook for Windows - [Win] Software to maintain students test scores and other grades. teachers help Trial version available.
  • Topnotch Gradebook - [Excel] A portable spreadsheet template for managing students\\' teachers help grades. gradebooks Allows weighted categories and includes printable reports. teachers help Multiplatform. Shareware.
  • Making The Grade - [Win, Mac, and Palm] Jay Klein\\'s Making The Grade an electronic teacher grade book with web publish option. Trial version available.
  • eSembler - [Web-based] Gradebook and standards assessment program designed for teachers help K-12 educational school districts. Site offers a sign up teachers help for educational live demonstration and short demo videos.
  • ThinkWave - [Web-based] Available as both a free, basic gradebook teachers help (ad supported) and a premium version with more teachers help features.
  • Gradebook Power - [Win] This program includes over 40 academic reports, enables you to track attendance, and use seating charts. Free trial version available.
  • Engrade - [Web-based] Free grading program that enables teachers to post assignments and grades for parents and students.
  • OpenGrade - [Linux] Free software for recording grades. This is an open teachers help source project.
  • Gradeweb - [Web-based] Grade book and class web sites for teachers.
  • GradeSource - [Web-based] Instructor course management tool with student viewable gradebooks web page educational reports.
  • The GradeNetwork - [Web-based] A program which enables instructors to manage gradebooks their class grades and provides students with capabilities gradebooks to follow their progress.
  • ClassRoom Portals - [Win] Free, basic grading program for teachers that is designed gradebooks to make record keeping easier.
  • Gradekeeper - [Win, Mac, and Palm] Enables teachers to record teachers help grades for the entire school year. Gradekeeper computes teachers help grades, prints reports, does seating charts, and can teachers help post grades online.
  • - [Web-based] Gradebook designed for college professors with medium/large teachers help classes.
  • GGradebook - [Linux] Free software for recording grades. This is an educational open project which enables anyone to contribute toward development.
  • Tiny Red Book - [Palm OS] A program designed specifically for PDA gradebooks devices that provides both record keeping and reporting gradebooks capabilities. Trial version available.
  • VARed Software - [Win] A flexible grading program enabling you to gradebooks enter attendance teachers help with seating charts, report and analyze gradebooks data, and create customizable teachers help reports. Trial version available.
  • 1st Class GradeBook - [Win] Easy to use, grade management program offering a variety teachers help of reports and graphs. Trial version available.
  • Excel Teaching - [Web-based] Grade management system designed for K-6 educators.
  • PGGP: Pretty Good Grading Program - [Win and Mac] Elementary gradebook software specifically for educational elementary instructors. gradebooks Trial version available.
  • Easy Grade Pro - [Win, Mac, and Pocket PC] Stores student, assignment, educational score and teachers help attendance data on all classes and educational subjects for a year. teachers help Trial version available.
  • Grade Machine - [Win and Mac] Misty City Software\\'s class management program provides quick, detailed, school-wide picture of any student\'s performance. A trial version is available.
  • TeachMate - [Win] An assessment tool, developed in the UK, gradebooks for educators teachers help that provides logins for pupils.
  • Excel-lent Gradebook - [Excel] A shareware package that provides you with gradebooks templates and reports that run inside of Microsoft gradebooks Excel.
  • Easy Gradebook - [Win] A shareware, simple grade book program.
  • Marksbook Academic Reporting System - [Win] A system specifically designed to manage all teachers help the assessment types used in Australian schools today.
  • GradeSense - [Web-based] Grading and reporting tool for the International educational Baccalaureate (IB) teachers help learning system. Site offers a demonstration educational video.
  • Class Action Gradebook - [Win and Pocket PC] Teacher grade and reporting program with educational elementary, secondary, college editions. Trial version available.
  • Pinnacle Gradebook2 - [Win, Mac, Pocket PC] Excelsior Software\\'s program provides grades, performance gradebooks analysis by standards, tracks attendance and discipline. Register to receive gradebooks trial.

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