Orthodo Windows File Managers File Management

Handles compressed archives, FTP, built in file viewers, context sensitive text editor, wildcard file selection and search, multi-threaded, multi language. Shareware from Helmsman.

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  • Servant Salamander - Two-pane file manager for 32-bit Windows. Features include Find Files, orthodox small size, drag and drop, context menus, and UNC path orthodox support.
  • Magellan Explorer - Advanced file manager with built in FTP, archive client and file managers image viewer. Supports both dual pane and tree view layout. file managers Highly configurable, evaluation version is available for download. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP]
  • Drag and File Gold - A full-featured shareware file management utility that supports FTP and file managers includes drag and zip, and a ZIP management utility. Handles file managers TAR, GZ, MIME, UUencoded and Xxencoded files.
  • Gyula's Navigator - Norton Commander clone for 32-bit Windows. Multiple language support. Built-in image viewer. Drag-and-drop. Free for personal or educational use.
  • Explor2000 - File manager for Windows 95, 98, NT, combines orthodox the qualities orthodox of Microsoft Explorer, WinFile, Norton Commander orthodox or XTree Gold for orthodox DOS. Available in English, orthodox French and German. Shareware.
  • Total Commander - Former Windows Commander, a shareware 16 and 32 windows bit Explorer orthodox replacement for Windows, with enhanced search windows function, Built-in FTP client orthodox with FXP (server to windows server) and HTTP proxy support, and orthodox supports long windows filenames.
  • Nico's Commander - A shareware file manager similar to Norton\\'s Commander. file managers Provides file managers a customizable interface, which displays directory listings file managers in two file managers side by side windows. Includes built-in file managers graphics viewers and file managers it supports several types of file managers archive formats with a file managers built-in F
  • WinNc.Net - File manager with similar functionality to that of windows Norton Commander.
  • FAR Manager - FAR is a text-mode shell for Windows 9x/NT/2000 that replaces Norton Commander. Supports network browsing, FTP, archives, NTFS, long file names.
  • Frigate - Handles compressed archives, FTP, built in file viewers, orthodox context sensitive text editor, wildcard file selection and orthodox search, multi-threaded, multi language. Shareware from Helmsman.
  • AB Commander - Dual-panel file manager. Features include folder synchronization, image windows previewer, file splitting. Shareware. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP]
  • AB Commander LITE - Lightweight version of Winability\\'s file manager. Freeware. file managers orthodox [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP]
  • 2xExplorer - A lightweight fully shell integrated dual-pane explorer replacement, windows focusing on everyday usability. Features: Internal text editor, windows and RTF/HEX viewer, automatic building of batch files, windows with numerous other attributes. Compatible with all 32-bit windows windows

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