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A simple file backup program runs in the system tray and backs up data at a specified interval, and/or on a routinely basis.

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See Also:
  • Back4Win - Continuous backup with versioning, restore, ZIP-64 compression and disk spanning freeware to CDRW (WinXP). [Win32]
  • SyncBack - Folder synchronization tool which integrates into task scheduler, backup supports file freeware filters, sub-directory selection, and auto-close of backup programs.
  • DVD Shrink - Enables one to make backup copies of DVDs freeware including re-compression options to reduce movie size.
  • One-click BackUp for WinRAR - Creates backups of selected files and folders using WinRAR. Supports password-protected archives, CDRW and FTP features. [Win32]
  • Allway Sync - Synchronizes folders and files between computers and other software storage devices. software License required for business use.
  • Easy File Backup - A simple file backup program runs in the system tray backup and backs up data at a specified interval, and/or on backup a routinely basis.
  • File Sift - A utility to help organize data into folders that will freeware fit on recordable media (ie CD or DVD).
  • sync2cd - An incremental command-line archiving tool which allows backing up complete filesystem hierarchies to multiple backup media (e.g. CD-R).
  • jBackup - A java based backup tool.
  • VersionBackup - An incremental backup tool that manages scheduled backups. freeware Site available in German and English. [Win32]
  • CobBackUp - Backup files and directories on Windows with scheduling and compression.
  • Easy-Backup - Creates scheduled backups of selected folders. [Win32]
  • Polder Backup - Copies from Windows directories to other directories with sets, incremental, freeware and delete non-existing.
  • Cdrtfe - Open source CD and DVD burning program for Windows 9x and above. It can burn data discs, audio and video CDs and DVD-Video discs.
  • InfraRecorder - Presents this free, open source CD and DVD freeware burning software freeware for Windows which is also able freeware to create disk images. freeware Includes news, screenshots and freeware documentation.
  • MyBackup - A simple one-click backup solution.
  • Backup-2-zip - Scheduled folder-based backup to ZIP-64 (unlimited size) archives. backup Runs as a tray application with simple interface backup and free forum support.
  • Comparator - A folder synchronizing and mirroring tool with differential software comparison and selective data restore.
  • Linbox Rescue Server - GPL edition of a GNU/Linux system backup tool.
  • DFIncBackup - A personal backup program for incremental backup files freeware to zip software archives.
  • Lou Backup - Backup program for Visual C projects - can software also be backup used for general-purpose folder backup.

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