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Juggler is a window manager to set any window to be always on top of other windows. Compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT 4/Windows 2000.

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See Also:
  • Loop Movie - QuickTime movies that play continuously on the desktop.
  • Tidy Start Menu - Organizes the Start menu by category. [Win 98+]
  • allSnap - A free system tray program for 32- or 64-bit Windows desktop customization that makes all top level windows snap to the edge desktop customization of the screen (or screens) and each other while moving desktop customization or sizing.
  • SoftProfile - Juggler is a window manager to set any desktop customization window freeware to be always on top of other desktop customization windows. Compatible freeware with Windows 95/98 and NT 4/Windows desktop customization 2000.
  • DS Clock - A customizable digital desktop clock that can synchronize a computer\'s clock with atomic time servers. [Win32]
  • Samurize - A system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine. [Win freeware 2K+]
  • SeeDesk - A utility which makes the icon text background on Windows software 95/98/Me desktop transparent.
  • Free Launch Bar - Replacement for the standard MS Windows Quick Launch freeware Bar that software allows for menus in the quick freeware launch toolbar.
  • Transparent Window Manager - A tool to manage windows settings including transparency.
  • Auto Window Manager - Resize programs automatically, adjust transparency of windows, minimize to tray, freeware and stay on top.

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