Cyrillic Character Encoding Globalization Software

Used by many languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Belorussian, Kurdish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian and Uzbek.

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See Also:
  • Fingertip Software: ISO 8859-5 table - Table for this Cyrillic code set, also known as Soviet cyrillic GOST 19768-74.
  • Slovo - Information on how to set up PCs for Slavic and cyrillic Cyrillic languages, covering a variety of operating systems. In English, cyrillic German and Russian.
  • KOI8-R Russian Character Set - Information relating to the KOI8-R Russian character set. cyrillic Includes tables, globalization software information, keyboard layouts and many cyrillic links to related resources. globalization In English and Russian.
  • Universal Cyrillic auto-decoder - Online tool for decoding scrambled (incorrectly encoded) Cyrillic texts.
  • Russify Everything - How to adapt various systems and software for use in Russian, including details on Russian character encoding systems.
  • Cyrillic in different encodings - Covering UCS-2, UTF-8 Little-Endian, KOI8-R, Win-CP1251, DOS-CP866, ISO-8859-5, Mac-Cyrillic, KOI8-U, ShiftJIS and Unicode Big-Endian encoding systems.
  • ISO 8859-5 Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet - A table of the ISO 8859-5 code page.

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