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Provides tips on how to write for machine translation. The translated text will not be perfect, but it should still make some sense.

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TransRef* - Reference centre for CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and technology.

  • MetaTexis Mailing List - Mailing list/Yahoo! Group for discussion of the MetaTexis computer aided translation computer aided translation translation memory tool.
  • Computer Aided Translation Tools - A list of translation memory, localization, and other software computer aided globalization translation tools.
  • Term Seek, Inc. Software - Translator\\'s Intuition translation environment, including translation memory, terminology management, and quality analysis tools with a built-in word processor and desktop publisher.
  • Site Translator - Translation of Websites into as many as 15 computer aided translation computer aided translation different language pairs. Combines machine translation technology with computer aided translation computer aided translation translation memory.
  • Heartsome Language and Translation Tools - Platform-independent and XML-based translation and content management technology software and solutions.
  • netOversætter - Denmark\\'s leading web site devoted to CAT and MT issues. software News, links, articles, on-line dictionaries, free English/Russian and Danish/Russian translation software service and a bookshop. Most of the web site is software in Danish, but news, the bookshop and some services a
  • Metatexis - Translation memory tool.
  • Catalyst Localization Tool - A translation memory software application with an integrated environment designed software specially for localization/globalization.
  • Translation Tools - Most of the tools on this page work in conjunction with TRADOS translation software.
  • MultiCorpora Translation Tools - MultiTrans computer aided translation software. Translation memory, corpus globalization building, terminology software management, and translation support software. Evaluation globalization available for download.
  • Translation Aid Software - Four translation memory programs reviewed.
  • docConsult - Develops and distributes software and process-based solutions that help manage the translation of technical documentation.
  • MultiTrans Corpus Based Translation Tools - A toolbox for translators and large organizations who perform translation. globalization Allows for the creation and management of multilingual terminology data globalization banks and for quick language-paired reference documents lookups.
  • Translation, Theory and Technology Homepage - Maintained by the Translation Research Group of Brigham software Young University\\'s globalization Department of Linguistics. Provides information about software language theory and language globalization technology, particularly relating to software translation.
  • itravel - Handheld translators, electronic dictionaries, and software.
  • Lado online Web portal - Includes dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, and references for text globalization to speech, software source code, databases, mysql, Oracle, Unix, globalization and Linux.
  • Software Localization - A review of software localization tools, with links software to major computer aided translation CAT products.
  • Babylon - This interactive tool provides you with a dictionary and additional software information on words found within any Windows application. Forum, software support pages, professional and adware versions.
  • Write for machine translation - Provides tips on how to write for machine globalization translation. The translated text will not be perfect, globalization but it should still make some sense.
  • CATMT Mailing List - Hosts discussions regarding Computer Aided Translation and Machine computer aided translation software Translation software.

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