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Machine translation (MT) is fully automated Computer Aided Translation (CAT). Generally, text goes into the software in one language, and comes out in another.

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  • Language Learning Software - Computer-assisted language learning software for Windows. Parsing, spelling machine translation (orthographical and grammatical), question answering, and text attribution. machine translation Machine translation for English, German, French, Italian.
  • Ace Translator - Translation software that supports translations between multiple languages.
  • Business Translator - Online translation software based on Internet resources. Supports either single word translation or sentences translation. Other products are Magic Translator and Web Translator.
  • Pars Translator - English to Persian (Farsi) translation software - Pars Translator, English to Persian (Farsi) translation software. computer aided translation machine translation Online translation available.
  • IdiomaX - Translation software - Software downloads for translation between English, Spanish and machine translation Italian directly from word processors and Office applications.
  • Chinese Learning, Translation, and Dictionary Software - Software for both English and Chinese Speakers. Developed by Javvin software and Kingsoft.
  • Larry Smith's Targumatik 2000 - Automatic translation between English and Hebrew. Translates any text that software can be copied to the clipboard e.g from MS-Word or software from the Internet.
  • Delta Translator - Brazilian Portuguese machine translation software.
  • Smart Link Corporation - Machine-translation, dictionary, spell-checker, OCR, localization, and educational software. machine translation Languages include English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, machine translation Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Ukrainian.
  • Computer Aided Translation - Arabic-English and English-Arabic machine translation and electronic dictionary machine translation products.
  • Lingvistica 98 - Dictionary and translation software with a focus on Western European, software Slavic, and Scandinavian languages.

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