Lightwave Animation and Design Tools 3D Graphics

3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and vector graphics designed for purchase, to use in Lightwave, 3dsmax, Poser, Shockwave 3D, Softimage and Maya.

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Flay.Com* - Focuses on Lightwave users, 3D and effect tutorial, news and plug-in information Site contains the Lightwave 3D Techniques search engine, plugin database, and art gallery, animation resource section and a listing of daily news and events in the 3D communi

  • NewTek Official Website - Makers of LightWave 3D, Aura, Inspire 3D, the Calibar, and lightwave the infamous Video Toaster Flyer.
  • Replica Technology - Software packages include textured, pre built 3D models on CD 3d ROMs for LightWave and Inspire.
  • ButterflyNetRender - Network rendering controller that works with Lightwave (In 3d the Professional Version) and Custom Batch Commands (Studio 3d versions). This feature will give control to any 3d command line console executable.
  • GLYPH's Lightwave 3D Page - Offering tips and tutorials, C++ wrappers for the LWSDK, plugins, ARexx macros, and a gallery.
  • Welcome to - Share Lightwave presets, discuss in the forums or get the 3d latest news.
  • Turbo Squid - 3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and 3d vector graphics 3d designed for purchase, to use in 3d Lightwave, 3dsmax, Poser, Shockwave 3d 3D, Softimage and Maya.
  • TheAttic - Several 3D models, textures and animation library.
  • Pawtographics - Provides training and consulting for a variety of programs that include Lightwave 3D, Video Toaster, Flyer and others.

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