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  • Joe's Digital Bar and Grill - Series of Lightwave 3D tutorial tapes volume 1/2. Tutorials covering MetaNURBS to Morph Gizmo. Learn the ideal way to start a character, whether you\\'re using photos, drawings or designing original characters from scratch.
  • Electric Pixel - Featuring Lightwave 3d news, links and tips.
  • Anim Studio - How to create complex meshes with NURBS. A Lightwave 3D tutorial.
  • Edvars Architectural - Learn how to fake tree shadows in Lightwave.
  • Ultimate 3D Links: Lightwave Tutorials - Collection of links to tutorials for Lightwave.
  • Puppy Doodle Entertainment - Tutorials intended for those new to LW 6.x / 7.x faqs, help, and tutorials and later. 3D graphics and animation services.
  • Warped Space - Tutorial on natural light simulation in Lightwave 3D, plus a animation and design tools gallery of digitally rendered images by Amaan Akram.
  • LightWave Tutorials on the Web - Links to tutorials arranged by subject matter.
  • Chris' LightWave Benchmarks - A constantly growing database of computer systems benchmarked faqs, help, and lightwave tutorials using NewTek's LightWave 3D.

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