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See Also:
  • Max Stuff - Freeware tools, plugins, tutorials and Gallery. Download animations 3d studio max rendering and modelling (FLICS) images and custom IPAS and Keyscripts for 3d studio max rendering and modelling 3d Studio Max.
  • MaX Forums - 3D Studio MAX artist resources such as free plugins, tutorials, 3d studio max the unofficial FAQ and discussion forum
  • The 3DLuVr - Resource site for 3D Studio Max users has sister sites for tutorials in Max, contests, and galleries.
  • Tek-Tips: Kinetix 3D Studio Forum - Discreet 3D Studio support forum and mutual help rendering and modelling system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
  • Support Forum - Official 3D Studio MAX Forum hosted by Discreet.
  • Free 3D Studio IPAS - Information about the Ixps, Axps, Pxps and Sxps 3d (IPAS). Free rendering and modelling modelling tools and IPAS from different 3d authors.
  • The 3D Studio - Offering free resources like models, textures, tutorials, a rendering and modelling 3d gallery, support forum, and contests for 3D Studio rendering and modelling 3d MAX.
  • Textures to The Max - Professional material libraries and seamless maps on CD 3d studio max for use with 3D Studio Max. Also links 3d studio max to tutorials about materials and Mapping using any 3d studio max software.
  • Max3D - A resource for 3ds max users. News of what is going, a searchable plugin database, and tutorials.
  • 3D Studio MAX - Discreet products include 3d Studio Max. Professional 3D modeling and 3d animation solution for PCs.
  • Digimation - Digital animation company that publishes over 100 3D products for 3d Studio Max.
  • Engram E-Mail Archive - Includes an archive of the e-mails submitted to rendering and modelling rendering and modelling the 3D Studio Max Engram e-mail list.
  • Virtual Republic Boboland - Scripting, plug-ins, tutorials, FAQs, gallery.

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