Rendering and Modelling 3D Graphics Software

A modeling application to design wireframe, polygonal, and hybrid objects with special attributes, test, and save 3D models for real-time rendering.

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See Also:
  • Form-Z RenderZone RadioZity - A 3D rendering application to generate photo-realistic models rendering and modelling and 3D images, based on the LightWorks rendering rendering and modelling engine. Seven levels of rendering: flat, Gouraud, Phong, rendering and modelling preview z-buffer, full z-buffer, preview ray-trace, and full rendering and modelling ray-trace.
  • Caviar - Tutorials for Rhino3d covering general setup, the RIB-file, rendering and modelling graphics parameterization and texture maps, applying shaders to objects, rendering and modelling graphics smoother NURBS, texture control, and a gallery. Also rendering and modelling graphics BMRT benchmark and a few shaders.
  • Quick3D - Complete 3D file format viewing and converting solution, with the graphics ability to freely convert between all supported 3D file format graphics types (currently 20). OpenGL hardware support. Vertex scaling function. [Win graphics 95/98/ME/2000/NT 4.0]
  • Game Studio - Repix Inc. - A modeling application to design wireframe, polygonal, and rendering and modelling hybrid objects with special attributes, test, and save rendering and modelling 3D models for real-time rendering.
  • Studio PON - Digital Clay is 3D modeling and visualization software graphics for Windows. graphics Features 20 types of auto distortion graphics filters, 3-D paint function graphics and the capability to graphics export models in most 3-D file graphics formats.
  • Voxel3D - It is a voxel based 3D modeling software, designed for graphics 3D beginner, create models easily by using the 2D painting graphics technique.
  • AC3D 3d Modeler - The modeler allows both novice users and experts to construct models in 3d quickly and easily on Windows and Linux. The powerful but intuitive interface makes usage much easier than other 3d software. Generates: VRML, POVRay, BMRT and many other formats.
  • Draw3D - Free 3D designing and modeling program for Windows. Can extrude/sweep 3d new objects, and use parametric NURBS curves. Old version includes 3d full Visual Basic plus Assembly source code. Product specifications, screenshots, 3d tutorials, and downloads.
  • JPatch - Open source 3D-patch modeler and animation tool designed 3d to model rendering and modelling and animate "organic" shapes such as 3d humans, animals, and aliens. rendering and modelling It is written in 3d Java, and outputs to POV-Ray and rendering and modelling RenderMAN format.
  • Real2Virtual - A tool for generating 3D VRML models from digital-camera-images, graphical-images, or from free-hand line drawings. Complex 24-bit color texture-mapped models can be created.
  • Zolos Canadian Distributor - FormĀ·Z is a 3D rendering software and surface 3D modeler. rendering and modelling It can exchange over twenty different file formats including AutoCAD rendering and modelling and Adobe Illustrator.
  • MS MacroSystem Software - Fast scientific 3D-visualization software optimized for Win real 3d time render graphics of regular meshes and scattered data. 3d OpenGL based 3D Viewer graphics for surface topography, Atomic 3d Force Microscopy (AFM, SPM, STM), dimensional graphics metrology.
  • Wings 3D - Open source graphic 3D modeller.
  • Blueberry3D - An advanced Windows program that allows the designing and creation 3d of virtual landscapes or automatically generates it from real map 3d data. Program uses mathematical fractals to extend the data and 3d create smaller details automatically.
  • Mental Ray Renderer - Leading raytracing rendering engine.
  • PolyTrans - Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. - A powerful and accurate 3d model, scene, NURBS, animation translator. Complete scene conversion in a single integrated software package. Creates "Render Ready" models. Includes conversion options to choose from.
  • FreeForm Modeling System - SensAble\\'s modeling system allows designers to model on 3d the computer rendering and modelling with their sense of touch. The 3d system provides a physical, rendering and modelling analog interface to create 3d a valuable, digital asset.
  • Chumbalum Soft - MilkShape 3D - Shareware low-polygon modeler, and animation package that includes 3d the basic operations; select, scale, move, rotate, extrude, 3d turn edge, and subdivide. Product description, screenshots, forum, 3d links to tutorials, and downloads.
  • gSculpt - An Opensource 3D modeling application based on Cybersculpt graphics a 3D rendering and modelling modeling application for the Atari ST graphics range of computers. Creates rendering and modelling models using translational and graphics rotational sweeps of polylines.
  • PhotoModeler - Windows software package for measuring and modeling real-world rendering and modelling rendering and modelling objects and scenes through the use of photographs. rendering and modelling rendering and modelling Create 3D models from photos complete with points, rendering and modelling rendering and modelling lines, surfaces, and photo textures mapped on right rendering and modelling rendering and modelling from photos.
  • Polywog - A free, simple 3D-modeling program creates and edits 3D polygonal objects. Versions available for Win95/NT or Amiga.
  • hamaPatch - Spline-based 3D modeling program for Windows 95, featuring 3d shaded previews, graphics export to many popular 3D formats, 3d and the ability to graphics perform test renders in 3d POV-Ray or BMRT.
  • PlantStudio - Tool for creating pictures of 3D plants. It rendering and modelling rendering and modelling simulates herbaceous (non-woody) plants like wildflowers and cut rendering and modelling rendering and modelling flowers, vegetables, weeds, grasses, and herbs using a rendering and modelling rendering and modelling parameter-driven simulation of plant growth and structure.
  • J-Cad - A polygon editing and modeler for Java. Includes 3d file exporting (including AutoCAD DXF), mathematical modeler, export 3d between formats including AutoCAD DXF, tool-box includes polygon 3d reduction, surface relaxing, animation features included with JCad 3d Pro.
  • Art of Illusion - Free open source 3D modeling and rendering studio.
  • Imageware - ModelMagic3D, an easy to use, interactive, 3D modeling rendering and modelling package used to create OpenGL scenes rendered in rendering and modelling real-time.
  • DMesh - A Windows 95 mesh creation and deformation tool for use with 3D modeling, rendering and animation software. Primary focus is the generation of smooth-surface mesh objects for use in humanoid and other organic modeling tasks. Uses a proprietary Musculature
  • 3dtrueFree Perl Vrml Wrl Online Tools - Includes a 3d interactive web search engine, picture 3d to terrain 3d map maker, model search engine, 3d 3d shape maker program, and 3d an atlas terrain server.
  • Geometry Utility Library - GUL - Geometry Utility Library for construction, evaluation, rendering and modelling rendering and modelling manipulation and visualization of geometric objects, especially for rendering and modelling rendering and modelling parametric and implicit defined surfaces.
  • Extreme Wave 3D - An ambitious project to create a feature rich, 3d extensible 3D modeling environment. Currently emphasizes povray export 3d for scene rendering, but support for other formats 3d are planned. Program will eventually include a native 3d ray tracer as well.
  • CALIMAX Modeller - A 32-bit 3D modeling tool for Win NT rendering and modelling and Win 95. The program has been written rendering and modelling to primarily interface with the Persistance of Vision rendering and modelling raytracer (POV-Ray version 2.x and 3.x).
  • 3dom - A 3D solid object modeler designed to be graphics independent of graphics the rendered back-end. Features include constructive graphics solid modeling, reality-based material graphics representation, and a flexible graphics plugin system, scripting through Python bindings graphics and a graphics constraint-solving en
  • solidThinking - NURBS and polygonal modeling, Subdivision Surfaces, Construction History, full OpenGL support, the advanced modeling tools, all industry leading rendering techniques, data exchange with most popular CAD and animation programs, available on both Windows an
  • CyberMotion 3D-Designer - A professional 3D-modeling plus raytracing and animation system. graphics Features include graphics a multi-window graphical user interface, 3D graphics modeling and objects, materials graphics assignments, preview functions, animation, graphics particle systems, and raytracing.
  • Hue AS - Flagship product HueSpace SDK, 3D volume rendering software with cluster 3d support for the PC platform.
  • SiTex Graphics - AIR is a 3D graphics renderer for Windows: rendering and modelling it produces images of scenes exported from modeling rendering and modelling and animation programs.
  • EditPoly - 3d polygon and polyline editor.
  • Micropcomputer Topography - 3DEM produce three dimensional terrain scenes, flyby animations 3d and VRML worlds from freely available USGS DEM 3d files. Senes can be saved in many formats. 3d (Win95/98/NT)
  • Amethyst ShadowFX - A sun and shadow modeling program for architects rendering and modelling and town planners. Shadow profiles can be quickly rendering and modelling and easily generated without the need to input rendering and modelling complex 3D objects.
  • Rhinoceros - Nurbs Modeling For Windows - Rhino can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS 3d curves, surfaces, 3d and solids in Windows. There are 3d no limits on complexity, 3d degree, or size. Rhino 3d also has support for polygon meshes.
  • Behemot Graphics Editor - Model and render 3D objects and scenes. It graphics runs on graphics Windows95/NT, Linux and Mac. It can graphics create and modify graphically graphics b-rep, blob, NURBS models; graphics object can be logically intersected or graphics subtracted.
  • Adept Development - Kribi 3D Engine the pure software Kribi Renderer.
  • Adobe Dimensions 3.0 - Powerful 3D rendering tool for production-quality 3D artwork, rendering and modelling offering the unique ability to create both vector rendering and modelling and raster graphics. Wrap both vector art and rendering and modelling raster images around any 3D shape and combine rendering and modelling simple objects to create complex shapes. [Macintosh
  • StyleSkin - An advanced graphics rendering package which renders 3D 3d interface skins from simple templates.
  • Siren: A Simple-Image Renderer - A scanline renderer, supports most of the basic 3d RenderMan features, graphics renders simple scenes in real time 3d for motion preview, by graphics J. Scott Iverson. Runs 3d under MS-DOS.
  • Escultor 2.0 - A free low polygon 3D editor with an independent texture graphics management.
  • Anim8or - A free 3D modeling and character animation program. graphics Features include graphics Create and modify 3D models with graphics built-in primitives such as graphics spheres, cylinders, and platonic graphics solids. Import and modify .3DS (3D graphics Studio), .LWO graphics (Lightwave), and .OBJ (Wavefront) object fi

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