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Gallery of images and a basic tutorial for the program. Links section to their Bryce sites. (warning, some of the links lead to adult sites).

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Bryce 5* - The official page for Bryce 5. 3D landscape modeling, animation, and rendering software. Bryce can create full 3D trees that can be totally customized.

  • John Spirko's Gallery - Models and presets for Bryce version 4/5. Tutorials 3d covering simulating 3d particle effects, manipulating objects, volume planets, 3d creating greyscale patterns, and 3d accurate scaling/resizing of objects. 3d Gallery of 2D and 3D art 3d work by 3d artist.
  • Lathemaster 2001 - Shareware, utility that will create grayscale objects, and 3d import them rendering and modelling into Bryce, and other rendering packages. 3d Registered users may download rendering and modelling a saved file. Sample 3d images available in gallery.
  • Cadtutor: Bryce Materials Collection - A collection of materials for foliage, rocks, dressed 3d stone and rendering and modelling ground planes.
  • Calyxa's World of Pearl - Has Downloads, tutorials, and Galleries, including Calyxa\\'s of 3d the Pearl rendering and modelling fantasy world
  • Nigel Pickering - DFX files for use in personal artwork models 3d of plants, 3d objects and artifacts, and several pages 3d of Bryce materials.
  • BryceWorks - Bryce textures and models for download. Tutorials for Bryce, Poser bryce and Painter 3D. With a Gallery for viewing.
  • Fantopia Galleries - Collection of Bryce textures, skies, 3d models, and bryce some wild tiles.
  • Virtual Lands - Free 3D objects to download and textures for 3d Bryce. Tutorials and links to other 3D graphics 3d sites.
  • Angus McIntyre - Downloadable sky presets for the 3D landscape modelling 3d program bryce MetaCreations Bryce.
  • Grafik 3D Portal - Bilingual site offering objects and materials.
  • Lunariad - Free Bryce materials, textures, and models with links to other bryce resources.
  • Leo 3D - Bryce 3D art and 3D links; object, sky, and material downloads for Bryce.
  • Jan The Village Weaver - Free models of plants, furniture, buildings, skies, and rendering and modelling rendering and modelling tutorials.
  • Bryce 4.0 Links - Gallery of images and a basic tutorial for 3d the program. bryce Links section to their Bryce sites. 3d (warning, some of the bryce links lead to adult 3d sites).
  • About Other Worlds Resources - Downloadable materials, models, skies preset, scenes and tips rendering and modelling for the 3D-landscape modeling program MetaCreations Bryce. Files rendering and modelling are stored as BinHex'd StuffIt 5 archives.
  • Puss Reboots - Free Bryce 4 presets, 3d modes in obp 3d format, skies, and the alt.binaries.3d.bryce newsgroup FAQs.
  • Bryce WebRing - Dedicated to the love of Bryce, artists help artists with bryce tips, tricks, and hints, and proudly showcase their works within bryce this web ring.
  • Fantasy World of Bryce - 3d models of trees in 3ds format. Fantasy art gallery 3d created with Bryce.
  • Bryce Realm - HSI Graphics - Offering objects, materials, tutorials, and a gallery of the artist bryce works.
  • Creativemen - Free objects in .obp file format, and a gallery
  • The Bryce 3D Ring - Ring showcases Bryce 3D art as well as bryce tutorials, samples, 3d and FAQs.

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