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  • FXRealm Studios - Offers "Creature Creator", a Truespace extension for creating rendering and modelling rendering and modelling humanoids, aliens, monsters, and bugs.
  • Bendy's 3D Systems - Various Truespace plug-ins, filters and shaders like "Blur\\'n\\'Feather", truespace "MetaObjects", and truespace "Roundit".
  • The Logic Foundry - Beta versions of TLF Flame and TLF Bump procedural shaders rendering and modelling for use with Caligari trueSpace version 4.2 or later.
  • Lightning Software - Offers Truespace plug-ins like "FrameSlider" and "WaveGenerator" for plugins creating waves, truespace and ripples.
  • MenteMagica - Offers high-end Truespace plug-ins like "ThermoClay", "DreaMotion", and the cloth plugins simulator "DynaCloth".

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