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Easy to use software that encrypts any type of digital file. It works like a digital safe deposit box and locks up files giving one key to each file.

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  • - Products and tools for watermarking and image processing.
  • Sault Custom Programming - SwitchBlade - Software, that will make it harder for people to acquire graphics images from ones website. Images cannot be saved to the graphics hard drive and images cannot be copied to the clipboard. graphics Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Digital Watermarking - C source available for many watermarking algorithms.
  • TenChiMon LLC - Offers encrypted image database applications and customizations.
  • Artistscope - Protect image and page content with encryption for the Internet. Several software options for protection to suit all users and applications, including web sites and CD distribution.
  • A Survey of Techniques for Digital Watermarking - Independent study on several techniques for the watermarking of digital software images. Presented here are the MATLAB code as well as software the final paper that was submitted.
  • Digimarc - The company\\'s digital watermark is used to identify, track and manage visual communications for such applications as image identification, brand management, copyright communication, and video.
  • Giovanni Digital Watermarking Suite - A digital watermark system to protect copyrights on software computer networks, or other digital media. Watermarking, encoding software and encryption is handled by the key, not software just encryption.
  • picture-shark - Stamp visible watermark logos or text on image files. With a step by step, guide.
  • ReaWatermark - Create and apply transparent logo watermarks to multiple graphics files in multiple folders. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
  • Signum Technologies - Watermarking technologies for copyright protection and data integrity software applications. [Mac/PC]
  • Digilox - Digital rights management tools, and e-security solutions for graphics digital content graphics owners, publishers and authors to protect graphics digital content with online graphics document protection or online graphics e-book protection options.
  • Alpha Tec Ltd. - Company develops digital image processing software for copyright copyright and protection protection. Products include EIKONAmark for casting "invisible" watermarks copyright and protection on digital images, AudioMark designed for watermarks on copyright and protection digital audio, and VideoMark is for casting and copyright and protection d
  • AlpVision - Swiss located company with core competences in digital watermarking, image processing, data security, signal processing. Developers of SignIt!, works in combination with the Inter Deposit Digital Number (IDDN) helps one to protecting the copyright of grap
  • Artistscope Copy Protection - Protect images from all means of copying using software special encryption to support Mac OS and Windows. software Company provides several options for copy protection to software suit all users and applications.
  • Copyright Protector- Encryption Software - Easy to use software that encrypts any type graphics of digital file. It works like a digital graphics safe deposit box and locks up files giving graphics one key to each file.
  • - Digital Watermark Headquarters - SteganoSign for Personal is a software program that software can embed software and detect digital watermarks in various software types of images and software audio data. Can embed software digital watermarks in popular image formats software such as software JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, and PCT. For audio software software data, it supports

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