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Developer of graphic plugins for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, and additional graphic software, covering masking, color correction, text effect, textures, digital painting, and image deformation.

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  • Plugin Galaxy - A set of 20 plugins, that includes over 120 basic effect, features the ability to adjust the transparency; blurring, texture, and pattern generation capabilities; the ability to create noise; and mirroring and warping functions. Integrates in numerous 32
  • Panopticum Fire - by Panopticum - A Paint Shop Pro compatible plugin, which allows image editing you plugins to create realistic burning, effects. Contains numerous, image editing adjustable fire plugins effects, enabling you to modify a image editing variety of flame plugins parameters, and generate different types image editing of combustion, such as plugins candle, fire,
  • Flaming Pear - Developer of high-end filters as Super BladePro, Flood, paint shop pro plugins LunarCell, Designer Sextet, Melancholytron, Lacquer and others for paint shop pro plugins Paint Shop Pro.
  • Harry's Filters - The Plugin Site - Collection of 55 plugins designed for Paint Shop paint shop pro Pro and other compatible applications. Set includes color paint shop pro and glass effects, color gradient effects, filters for paint shop pro encrypting and decrypting images, atmospherizer and color cocktail paint shop pro effects, pattern effects,
  • Simple Filters - Eleven filters to use with Paint Shop Pro. image editing Several paint shop pro filters for making seamless tiles.
  • NVR Bordermania - Free plugin filters for Paint Shop Pro that will create paint shop pro basic borders. Installation help on site. Links to other free paint shop pro filters.
  • AutoEye - Automatically improve digital images by rebuilding their color detail, sharpness, and vibrancy. Program supports BMP, DIB, JPG, PCD, PSD, and TIF images, and includes support for batch processing.
  • HumanSoftware - Developer of graphic plugins for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, image editing and additional graphic software, covering masking, color correction, text effect, image editing textures, digital painting, and image deformation.
  • Panopticum - Alpha Strip is a Paint Shop Pro or paint shop pro Adobe compatible plugin for creating masks from fields paint shop pro of geometrical figures.
  • AV Bros. Software - Compatible plugins for Paint Shop Pro. Puzzle Pro paint shop pro create a realistic and high quality puzzle, Page paint shop pro Curl change content of the page backside. Content paint shop pro may be both the solid color and an paint shop pro image from current layer or from file. Page paint shop pro Curl Light change content o
  • Alien Skin Software - Developers of Eye Candy 4000 and Xenofex. Filters are compatible plugins with Photoshop, ImageReady, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, Fireworks, and Canvas. plugins Plus Eye Candy for After Effects.
  • GrafoManiac - Offering free filters and graphic tools that can paint shop pro be used with Paint Shop Pro.
  • DC Plugin Filters - DCspecial plugin filters work with various graphics applications. plugins Highly prized image editing collection, six years in the making, plugins includes various Tile Tools, image editing Layer FX, and even plugins some Psychedelics.
  • The Imaging Factory - PhotoShop plugins for professional and amateur photographers, with other color image editing correction plugins also. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads. [Mac OS image editing / Windows]
  • AmphiSoft - A new generation of plugin filters for Paint Shop Pro and compatible image editors for Windows like Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel PhotoPaint. Free and shareware filters for accurate image enhancement and wild special effects.
  • AFH - Paint Shop Pro compatible beveler plugin.
  • Redfield Plugins - Mesh 3D is a nettings effect designer and, image editing Jama image editing 3D will create corrugated and cellular like image editing patterns from image editing 2D images. Jama 2000 is a image editing powerful pattern and image editing texture generator. Lattice Composer is image editing a grids and nettings image editing effect designer.

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