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Kai's Power Tools or other wise known as KPT is an exceptional collection of image filters that produce unlimited effects for print and the Web. Includes 10 plugins that extend and enhance the creative possibilities of Paint Shop Pro and compatible products. KPT requires a host application to run. The host application can be any program that supports Adobe Photoshop compatible plugins.

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  • Kai's Power Tools 101 - KPT 101 Email list learn how to use plugins Kai\\'s Power kai power tools Tools 3, 5, 6 and X plugins effectively.
  • Quick Creations - Tutorial covering making a Gel for KPT 6.
  • Yahoo! Groups - KPT101 - This list was created to help tutor how to use kai power tools the filters in Kai\\'s Power Tools 3, 5, 6 and kai power tools X more effectively. Sharing tips and ideas, graphics, URLs, presets kai power tools and environment maps, doing tutorials is not mandatory.
  • KPT RadWarp - Using Kia's KPT5 RadWarp to bend filmstrips.

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