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Learn Photoshop to effectively create masks, selections, clipping paths, brush edge, color correct images for press, make tonal adjustments, touch-ups, understand color and image theory and optimize Photoshop for Macintosh and PC.

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Adobe Photoshop* - Adobe's product page for the image editing software.

  • Teamphotoshop - Full portal for Adobe photoshop tips, tutorials and graphics help. Also image editing HTML and web design tips and graphics tricks.
  • The Photoshop Guru's Handbook - Site where users of Adobe Photoshop can stretch photoshop their imaginations to learn new and different ways photoshop of using this popular graphics program. List of photoshop tutorials, community forums, links, tips, and downloads.
  • Impact Group - Design community featuring Photoshop tutorials database and downloads, photoshop inspiration gallery, categorized links database, free scripts, design photoshop articles and news, discussion forums.
  • PhotoShop Training Videos by Keystone - Adobe PhotoShop education videos, for Mac and PCs.
  • Nuclearblue - Provides PhotoShop 7 brushes and textures for graphic programs, includes photoshop a display of photographs and graphic art.
  • Cornermark - Desktop publishing training CDs and custom curriculums for application instructions photoshop for Adobe Photoshop with program descriptions and user testimonials.
  • Eyes on Design - Photoshop tutorials, F/X, interfaces, buttons, text-effects and others, graphics you can graphics also download fonts, and free graphics.
  • Element Designs - A resource for Photoshop users with tutorials, galleries, image editing and forums.
  • Fringewood News - Photoshop files of brushes, gradients, converters, and others for Macintosh graphics or PCs.
  • Free Photoshop - Plugins and filters for the PC, commercial and graphics freeware, all listed, tested, reviewed and linked, with graphics free filters, plugins and interfaces to download. Tutorials graphics available in PDF format.
  • Crystal Point Graphics - Offers tutorials, an image gallery, and even a photoshop forum and message board.
  • The Photoshop Roadmap - Photoshop tips, tutorials, techniques and articles. Also a image editing large plugin directory with download links, animated tutorials image editing and a Photoshop bookstore
  • Interactive Training - Learn Photoshop to effectively create masks, selections, clipping paths, brush image editing edge, color correct images for press, make tonal adjustments, touch-ups, image editing understand color and image theory and optimize Photoshop for Macintosh image editing and PC.
  • Querandi In Focus - Photoshop tutorials, dedicated to digital imaging for photographers.
  • Scotts Online Portfolio - Portfolio of Photoshop and website design. Includes tutorials, photoshop downloads, and help with designing sites and creating photoshop art with Photoshop.
  • Art Directors Invitational Masters Conference - Hands-on creative design workshop conference for professional designers. image editing Occurs graphics annually at changing locations.
  • Adobe Photoshop Resources - Tips and tutorials, free downloads, actions, plugins, training image editing and support, and other resources.
  • Digital Media Designer - Part of a community of content creators, this site, updated graphics daily, focuses on graphics and layout issues, tutorials, reviews and graphics resources.
  • Photoshop Lover - Features a collection of links to PhotoShop tutorials graphics around the graphics web, forum is open for all graphics visitors to discuss anything graphics related to web graphics, graphics and a user gallery.
  • Photoshop Brushes - Brushes for free download and several tutorials on graphics working with image editing them.
  • The Ultimate Photoshop Page - Action archive, plugins, filters, brushes, fonts, newsgroups and image editing links.
  • Photoshop Brushes By Sage - 360 Photoshop brushes divided into 12 sets, containing 30 exclusive photoshop brushes which can easily be used to make attractive borders photoshop or frames and matching buttons or icons available on CD. photoshop Free brushes are also available.
  • VBRUSH - A large collection of self made Photoshop brushes created by Vered.
  • Training Solutions - A complete listing of training videos, books, CD-ROMs photoshop and add-ons photoshop for Adobe Photoshop 6.
  • Photoshop - Freeware and commercial PhotoShop compatible filters available from the authors. Each page displays the "master Image" of the lion and the result of each filter has on the image.
  • Everything Photoshop - Links to tutorials, tips, links, advice, HOW-TO, books, graphics free custom photoshop brushes and actions, print, scanner and graphics monitor setup tips, and photoshop FAQs.
  • PhotoshopCafe - Free actions and articles, user forum, original tips, tricks and tutorials for beginners to advanced users. Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 photorealistic illustrations updated every week.
  • PlanetPhotoshop com - The launch site for finding Adobe Photoshop resource photoshop on the photoshop web. Links, tips, and resources.

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