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An open source wiki system based on tdbengine. It is small, easy to set up and administrate and stores all data in a local, indexed database. It can optionally hold all content as static html pages, too.

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Editor's Picks:

WikiMatrix* - A tool to compare the features of various popular wiki engines in comfortable side-by-side tables.

  • Platypus Wiki - A Semantic WikiWikiWeb that uses RDF to manage wiki engines metadata and ontologies.
  • coWiki - A (now defunct) content management tool with an intuitive markup language, unixlike access management, a directory structure and seamless page renaming.
  • Protonotes - Wiki-style Web page annotation that allows user groups groupware to wiki engines add and share notes collaboratively on groupware any Web page.
  • RWiki - A Japanese WikiClone built using dRuby, ERb, RDtool, groupware MutexM; inspired by Tiki.
  • Vanilla - An extensible wiki engine written in REBOL, with weblog features wiki and a streamlined interface.
  • Perspective - Open Source wiki engine, written in C#/XSLT, that wiki engines supports groupware WYSIWYG editing, file attachments, searching across pages wiki engines and attachments groupware (including MS Office documents) and a wiki engines flexible security model.
  • instiki - A basic wiki-engine in Ruby with three-step installation. Contains a wiki userguide, links to an IRC channel, and a mailing list.
  • FlexWiki - A wiki implementation that uses Microsoft\\'s .NET technology groupware (C# and wiki ASP.NET) and has support for wiki groupware namespaces.
  • Wiki Engines - Links to dozens of Wiki system types, in groupware many programming groupware languages.
  • TiddlyWiki - An experimental microcontent WikiWikiWeb built by Jeremy Ruston. wiki It\\'s written in HTML and JavaScript to run wiki on any browser without needing any serverside logic. wiki It allows anyone to create self-contained hypertext documents wiki that can be posted to any web se
  • WikiWeb, Inc. - Commercial Windows-based implementation written in Smalltalk with limits on allowed wiki engines named users, Access support, and ODBC support with more expensive wiki engines versions.
  • Traction TeamPage - Enterprise Wiki Software for download and installation. Includes support for groupware wikis, blogs, social tagging, discussion, document management, and search.
  • Sputnik - An extensible wiki written in Lua. It can wiki also be used as a framework for building wiki wiki-like applications. Contains documentation, forums, and a section wiki for hosting user modifications.
  • SushiWiki - A wiki-like Web application running on .NET platforms. It is groupware written in C#, uses ASP.NET features and stores data in groupware SQL databases or flat XML files.
  • OpenWiki - An IIS/ASP implementation with strong XML support.
  • Nanoki - A simple, elegant wiki engine implemented in Lua. Site contains wiki engines documentation for the engine.
  • GeboGebo - An open source wiki system based on tdbengine. wiki It is small, easy to set up and wiki administrate and stores all data in a local, wiki indexed database. It can optionally hold all content wiki as static html pages, too.

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