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Wikepage is an easy to use and small dual-mode wiki engine that can act as wiki sites and personal homepages.

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See Also:
  • Net Nemein Wiki - Open source wiki engine written in PHP for wiki engines the Midgard Content Management System.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - Popular extension of Wikipedia\\'s wiki engine with Semantic Web features, wiki enabling better search and organization of wiki content.
  • Particle Wiki - A light PHP/MySQL wiki engine with archived history, wiki engines search, wiki admin panel and skins (released under proprietary wiki engines Particle Soft wiki End User Licence).
  • Tiki - A kitchen-sink content management system that combines wiki wiki engines with php a Slashdot-style article system, blogs, forums, image wiki engines galleries, chat, php and so on. Pear:DB backend, LGPL.
  • Wikepage - Wikepage is an easy to use and small dual-mode wiki wiki engine that can act as wiki sites and personal homepages.
  • PmWiki - A simple-to-install system which allows password protection and php organization of php pages into groups (GPL).
  • PHPWiki - Feature-rich implementation with support for various databases.
  • LionWiki - A minimalist wiki engine that is file-based and wiki is encoded in a single document. Site contains wiki downloads, a roadmap, as well as some plugins wiki and templates.
  • Wikini - Open source wiki, based on Wakka Wiki, enhanced (XHTML 1.0 wiki engines and CSS compatibility) and translated into French.
  • Wacko Wiki - Small, lightweight, handy, expandable, multilingual Wiki-engine based on Wakka Wiki. WYSIWYG editor, easy installer, many localizations, email notification on changes/comments, several cache levels, design themes (skins) support, XHTML compliance, page ri
  • Elaborate - A free wiki engine written in PHP and wiki engines MySQL available under the GPL. Site contains source wiki engines code and documentation.
  • MediaWiki - Wikipedia's underlying open source wiki engine.
  • Wikki Tikki Tavi - A PHP script that runs wiki sites.
  • WikkaWiki - A free PHP/MySQL wiki engine based on forked wiki engines code from WakkaWiki, with a number of features wiki engines beyond the original Wakka, including a GUI page wiki engines editor, advanced syntax highlighting and mindmap support. Released wiki engines under GPL.

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