Claims Handling Insurance Industry-Specific Software

Software which helps claims adjusters determine income loss for record requests and business interruption. Site provides product information and support.

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See Also:
  • EDIWatch, Inc. - A provider of anti-fraud insurance solutions which utilize claims handling expert insurance systems technology.
  • Managed Care Systems, Inc. - Software solution for medical claims adjustment, adjudication, capitation, claims handling billing industry-specific and administration. Offers product information.
  • MountainView Software - Features the ClaimZone product suite, designed to manage industry-specific workmen\\'s compensation and property and casualty claims. industry-specific Site describes the product line and includes FAQ industry-specific and contact information.
  • ClaimBase Limited - Offers CM12 claims management software for claims handlers, claims handling brokers, claims handling and lead insurers. [requires Flash plugin]
  • ClaimVantage - Offers software designed to support claims departments in the employee claims handling benefits market, including employers with self funded short term disability.
  • Burkitt Computer - Makers of claims management tools allowing adjusters to track time, claims handling billing, losses and reserves. Provides product information.
  • JDI Data Corporation - Provides a system for insurance company claims departments and third insurance party administrators of property, casualty, general liability, and commercial auto, insurance with special emphasis on complex litigation.
  • Verbatim Claim Services, Inc. - Provider of professional recovery services and accident reconstruction claims handling software tools to the insurance industry and self-insured claims handling risk managers in North America.
  • EZ Doc Request - Software which helps claims adjusters determine income loss for record claims handling requests and business interruption. Site provides product information and claims handling support.
  • Mitratech, Inc. - Offers knowledge processing solutions to corporate and government insurance entities. claims handling The TeamConnect infrastructure is applicable to insurance legal, insurance claims, risk claims handling management, and project management insurance tasks.
  • PowerClaim XML - Site describes Hawkins Research, Inc. and its property industry-specific adjusting software. It includes a FAQ, links industry-specific product support, and training videos.
  • ClaimForce, Inc. - Provides web based technology empowering a broad-area network of qualified claim service providers and professionals to work together as one claims organization.
  • Quick Internet Software Solutions (QISS) - Application service provider offers browser-based claim management software for insurance adjusters and third party administrators.
  • Isoft, Inc. - Applications and experience include group disability, life, health, industry-specific dental, and industry-specific creditor claims processing. Solutions use client industry-specific server, System/390 and AS/400 industry-specific technologies.
  • Simsol Software - Providers of loss documentation software for claims adjusters. industry-specific Offers industry-specific product information and demonstration version.
  • Canlist Software - Offers software which downloads an insured\\'s schedule of claims handling loss industry-specific (SOL) and systematically calculates depreciation and ACV claims handling in seconds. industry-specific It also tracks the replacement claims handling of SOL items.
  • Square Linear Basics (SLBas) - Simplifies and greatly speeds the process of calculating the linear insurance and square footage of ground area measurements and drawings. insurance Designed for insurance company adjustment inspectors, surveyors, and real estate insurance agents.
  • Key Link Solutions, Inc. - Provides the VisualClaims software for life, disability, and claims handling managed healthcare. Its audience is both insurers claims handling and billing entities. Company is also a claims handling third party administrator.
  • INDIO Software, Inc. - Provides a program called the Claims Management Database for individuals and firms that manage catastrophe claims and adjusters.
  • TRAP Systems, Inc. - Offers healthcare fraud and abuse detection and control, industry-specific applicable to claims handling Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers. industry-specific Sophisticated analytic applications are claims handling used, offering high volume industry-specific service.
  • Envision Technology Solutions - Provides risk management information systems (RMIS) for workers\\' insurance compensation and claims handling liability claims administration.
  • GenSource Corporation - Provides insurance claims software and risk management information claims handling systems claims handling (RMIS) for multiple lines of insurance including claims handling workers\' compensation, claims handling liability, and non-occupational disability.
  • CAS Software Group - Offers a claims case management application for life, claims handling annuity and disability insurers.

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