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Clusters search results. It presents a diagram of themes within the results, from which the user can select one or all results. Options to search Australian sites only or the full Web.

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Vivisimo Clustering Engine* - Their document clustering and meta-search software automatically categorizes search results on-the-fly into hierarchical clusters.

  • MetaCrawler/HuskySearch/Grouper - Grouper partitioned the results into clusters, or groupings of URLs software which contain similar content.
  • Northern Light - A search engine for professional web users. They software have a web clustering general search engine, and a "Special software Collection" of 4M journals/books/mags web clustering which are accessible on software a pay-per-view basis.
  • Mooter - Clusters search results. It presents a diagram of software themes within web clustering the results, from which the user software can select one or web clustering all results. Options to software search Australian sites only or the web clustering full Web.
  • Carrot2 - A search results clustering framework. Includes clustering components web clustering and a stand-alone meta search component.
  • Grokker Web Clustering - Grokker clusters Google\\'s results and local files. It uses an interface which visualizes clusters by means of circles.
  • Dowser - Clusters results from major search engines, associates words web clustering that information retrieval appear in previous searches, and keeps a web clustering local cache information retrieval of all the results you click web clustering on in a information retrieval searchable database. It helps web clustering keep track of information retrieval what you find on web clustering the web. [Windows, UNIX, information retrieval Linux and
  • SnakeT - A metasearch clustering engine for Web, Books, News.

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