Metasearch Searching Internet

Queries multiple search engines simultaneously with the same or different words. Options include serving results separately, interleaved or combined in alphabetical order.

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See Also:
  • Yootsa - Queries major search engines to provide combined results, including shopping internet search and job search.
  • Zworks - Searches several popular search engines simultaneously or individually. metasearch Results are collated and ranked for relevancy with metasearch redundancies removed, includes filtered, Boolean and advanced options.
  • Monster Crawler - Offers search results mixed between Google, Yahoo! and metasearch MSN Live.
  • Snap - Meta search with a strongly visual interface suitable for broadband users. Results are on the left and site preview on the right. It draws on data from Gigablast, Ask and other sources.
  • Agent 55 - Metasearch service, searches over 200 search engines in 20 categories.
  • Metacca - Meta-search engine that delivers search results from Yahoo, Google, MSN, LookSmart, dmoz, Inktomi, Altavista, Alltheweb, Live, and other leading search engines.
  • Ithaki Metasearch - Employs an intelligent technology to find relevant search results from searching hundreds of search engines and directories. Allows advanced search commands. searching Several languages and country-specific searches.
  • Infonetware - A demonstration of RealTerm technology applied to Internet search. It internet submits your query to various search engines and then sorts internet the combined results into topics.
  • Qksearch - Provides web, images, mp3, jobs, and news search in 6 different languages.
  • Turbo 10 - Metasearch engine, offering results from user chosen groups metasearch of search engines.
  • KillerInfo - Search tool with a side bar that categorizes searching subjects within searching the results. Provides choice of channels searching including news, reference and searching business.
  • Stream City - Meta search combines multiple search engine results together. internet Also offers metasearch products, news, weather, and online services.
  • Clusty - This search tool from VivĂ­simo offers clustered results metasearch for a internet selection of searches. Metasearch the whole metasearch web, or use tabs internet to search for news, metasearch gossip, images, or products. Options to internet search Wikipedia, metasearch blogs and Slashdot.
  • Metabear - Offers metasearch of the world or the Russian internet Web, FTP, and multi-media.
  • FuzzFind - A web search mashup that combines user personalized search results from the leading search engines (Google, Yahoo! Search and Windows Live Search) and social bookmarking sites (
  • Widow Metasearch - Provides search by words or phrase and directory internet taken from the Open Directory. Includes straightforward interface internet that makes it easy to select search engines.
  • Findelio - Metasearch engine with country specific search option.
  • Scour - Meta search engine with added social functions: voting internet up and down results, commenting.
  • Atnio - Montreal based metasearch engine, searching on Ask, Google internet and MSN.
  • Academic Index - Provides access to academic reference and research sites metasearch recommended by teachers and librarians. Select from web metasearch pages, periodicals, United States history, or science and metasearch technology.
  • Thagoo - Search engine that aggregates results from popular social metasearch bookmarking web sites.
  • MetaEureka - Search multiple engines and ODP directory.
  • SniperPoint - Meta Search Engine which currently searches over 2000 internet search engines internet around the world.
  • SurfWax - Meta-search engine that provides real-time page summaries - \\'site snaps\\'. metasearch Those who open free accounts can select from a list metasearch of hundreds of search sources, and save and share what metasearch they find.
  • XSearch - Groups results into meaningful groups by clustering technology. searching Metasearch is metasearch done for Yahoo, MSN and Wikipedia.
  • Onimeta - Creates a combined index from major search engines and directories. Each result comes with an option to find similar sites.
  • AllPlus - Universal metasearch and discovery engine with clustering. Displaying searching results, news, video, images, blogs in a single searching result page.
  • PerfectSE - Metasearch engine with voting capability.
  • Search66 - Metasearches the whole Web or restricts search between some countries. metasearch Duplicate results are eliminated and these from the same domain metasearch clustered.
  • Searchy - Queries major search engines and serves the results internet in a sequence of 10 per source in internet the default setting. Advanced options include combined results internet and choice of engine.
  • Mooter - Clusters search results. It presents a diagram of metasearch themes within the results, from which the user metasearch can select one or all results. Options to metasearch search Australian sites only or the full Web.
  • BigSearcher - Offering search of the general web, or images, metasearch audio, video and news.
  • Searches - Options include choice between top and all engines, searching sorting by internet relevance, source, or title.
  • Ipile - Searches over dozen search engines, auctions, jobs, MP3, metasearch the bible, forums, news, and stock quotes.
  • Myriad Search / Authority Finder - Combines the results of Google, Yahoo, MSN Search internet and Ask internet Jeeves in one advertisement-free stream, highlighted internet to show the source internet of each result. The internet user can exclude selected engines, or internet select the internet ratio of results from them.
  • Molu - Tree search expanding to more than 15 categories. searching Link extraction, conversion to PDF, Inline viewing and searching URL shortening.
  • Puffinware LLC - Main product is iMetaSearch, a metasearch tool for searching Windows. It searching helps to quickly sift through 1000\\'s searching of search results from searching engines, blogs, books, etc.
  • Gnome - Queries multiple search engines simultaneously with the same internet or different internet words. Options include serving results separately, internet interleaved or combined in internet alphabetical order.
  • - An ad-supported reference search service, which displays concise metasearch answers drawn metasearch from over 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries metasearch and atlases.
  • Seek2Day - Metasearch from Entireweb with options included such as metasearch search by phrase, title or Boolean queries, and metasearch a choice of engines.
  • Ixquick - Searches the web, MP3s, pictures and news archives metasearch via regular, metasearch Boolean and natural language. Finds sites metasearch rated best by multiple metasearch engines for your query.
  • Yooci - Supports multiple languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, metasearch Portuguese, Danish, internet Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch.
  • - Meta search engine offering search of the general internet web, images, audio, video, shopping, jobs and news. internet Also offers free ppc ads.
  • Kartoo - Displays results in chart or classic list form. Options include searching different language interfaces and basic or expert version.
  • PolyMeta - Intelligent general meta search and clustering engine. Custom searching engines can internet be built on, even through using searching its search and clustering internet API.
  • MetaStrike - Allows single interface to search multiple search engines metasearch with duplicates searching filtered out. Results list search metasearch engine sources.
  • WindSeek - Metasearch engine with a simple interface from the same stable as Entireweb. It offers web or image search and results show ranking from each source.

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