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Created to provide for efficient usage of time while a user performs Google searches by loading each result in its own tab.

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  • NeedleSearch - Lets you bookmark search engines for future use in the seamonkey search bar.
  • QLookup - A quick hack to add Google and Dictionary lookups to seamonkey the context menu in Mozilla.
  • StormZilla - An extension to view your weather report via your browser based on your zipcode using webservices found on the net.
  • tinderstatus - a tiny extension that displays the current status of the SeaMonkey or Mozilla Firebird tinderboxen and whether the tree is open or closed in an icon on your browser\'s status bar.
  • - nextimage: index - An extension for Mozilla that can detect an search tools image search tools URL and automagically increment it.
  • BioBar - A bioinformatics power-browsing toolbar for Mozilla-based browsers. This toolbar provides extensions access to all major biological data resources.
  • LiveHTTPHeaders - Adds various functions for handling HTTP Headers.
  • Mozilla Amazon Browser (MAB) - The MAB is a tool for searching in extensions the Amazon database and for browsing their massive extensions catalog of merchandise.
  • EasySearch - An application for making searching on the internet search tools easier by adding a search "bar" to the search tools browser.
  • Slashzilla - A sidebar panel that provides the user with an enhancement to the interface provided by Slashdot.
  • Googlebar - Created to be used with Netscape 6/Mozilla, this search tools unofficial seamonkey software emulates many features of the Google search tools Toolbar.
  • Mozilla Internet Dictionary (MID) - A tabbed dictionary browser using the dictionary resources of the seamonkey Internet.
  • Mapit - A Mozilla extension that enables the user to obtain a seamonkey street map of selected text, when it can be identified seamonkey as a valid street address.
  • LookAhead - Created to provide for efficient usage of time search tools while a user performs Google searches by loading search tools each result in its own tab.
  • HON - HON\\'s mission is to guide non-medical users and search tools medical search tools practitioners to useful and reliable online medical search tools and health search tools information.
  • PubMed - Allows you to search for information in NLM Medline database.
  • Linky - Aims to increase the user\\'s power to handle links in search tools Mozilla.
  • Mycroft - Mycroft provides a collection of Sherlock 2 plug-ins extensions for Mozilla-based browsers.
  • Dictionary Search - Extension to look up or translate words in a Web extensions Page or an E-Mail using an online dictionary.
  • ExPASyBar - Gives you simple access to the main ExPASy seamonkey databases.
  • TuxHealth - Allows you to quickly see what software the remote web extensions site uses, and whether it is open source or proprietary extensions software.
  • Companion - Aims to build the popular Yahoo! Companion for seamonkey Gecko-based browsers.

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